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Human Parts To Consider

  I have been a Special Education teacher for most of life.  As part of my education I have had many courses in human development, behavioral science,  how people think, why they act the way they do, and in general,  just how people  "are."

   Below is my feeble attempt to put some thoughts together on what makes a human being human.  I use the word " feeble" because I don't
think that you can fully described human beings in words.   It's like trying to "describe" a sun rise, or the majesty of a galaxy...only better.
   Human beings are a lot more than what I have written.  The best way
that I can express the magnitude of what I feel a human being really is, is best expressed in my Christianity.   I believe we are so much more than what you are about to read.  I truly believe we are created in the image of a Living, Kind and merciful God. I believe that we are so much more than emotions, thoughts, behavioral constructs, and our genetic make-up.  I believe we are Sons of A Father God and I believe in the redemption of the blood of Jesus His Son, and the forgiveness of sins through the blood that was spilled on the Cross.The
  And when this life is over, I believe that we will stand before God and there will be an accounting to Him of what we have done with the Life we had been given.  So, fellow human being...wheather you believe what I believe it not, I invite you to read on to my feeble attempt to describe the indescribable human being.


​When considering human beings  here are some "parts" you may want
to think about.  These parts are only some examples of what makes a human being...human.

Emotional...we have feelings
Thoughtful..we have brains
Physical ...we  have bodies
DNA...we have genes
Spiritual..we have souls
​​​​​​They act...we do things
​​​​​​They live...we exist in time and place,  then die
Social...we interact 
Communicative...we express thoughts and feelings
Purposeful .....we do things for reasons
When considering human beings ​​​​​each of the above influence the type of person a person is and each factor can influence the others.

  For example, if we are "too emotional" and are motivated by feelings, they may not able to " think clearly. "
If we are "unemotional" they may only act on what they think.  This will effect their relationships with other people and infulence their social life.

If we have physical challenges what they are able to "do" can be  limited.  A person who cannot see will not be able to paint, or be a photographer.
     The genetic make-up of a human being, or what they inherit 
determine predispositions of physical, emotional and behavioral
characteristics.   The color of someone's eyes, and how they physically look ​​​​​are examples of how genetic codes manifest themselves.

The above are very broad categories of what makes a human being.  They by no means describe the totality of what a human is.  Each category has many levels and parts.

For example,  the physical human being has many body systems:  the brain has a neurological system, the heart a coronary system, the lungs a respiratory system.  Each system is very complex and each system has many parts itself.
  Another example is human behavior.  Behavior has been described as what a person "does.".  It has also been described as  "communication" 
​​​​​​It has been said behavior satisfies needs, and that it happens as a result of thoughts and emotions.   Behavioral science contain concepts such as motivation, renforcement, environment and antecedents and consequences.

​​​​    When considering  "how human beings are"  the above examples are some very limited ways of describing human beings who are so much more than all of these


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 10/21/2020.


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