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Piano Mate Beginnings 2: Thoughts

Scientific and Musical Principles

   Each piano note is a single entity; alone in its own space on the Universal Keyboard of Life.  Each is separated by its unique position and its unique sound and has its own frequency,  yet it is capable of infinite diversity. Each note can be  part of any song and can take  ALL positions of ANY other note in that song when that song is played in the KEY or a related KEY of that note. Furthermore any note can be played loudly, or  can be played fast or slow, or ...not at all...  Every note has all those capabilities.

  Principles such as Sympathetic Vibration, Resonance,  Musical Transposition (playing the same song in different keys), and concepts such as Empathy , the ability to relate to and understand another person 's feelings, and Active Listening, for example,  listening to another person without  judging them, reflecting what they are saying, are ideas and concepts actively underlying the formation of the Mate.
Crisis Counseling Concepts
    We are connected by our feelings more than our experiences. 
 Feelings are  Universal to the human experience.  While I may not know what it is like to be a successful business man, I have experienced success in my educational career.  While I don't know what it's like to be depressed about losing a job, I have experienced depression when I've lost a friendship.  I can relate to people through my feelings  more than my experiences.
 Christian and Spiritual Connections
   In the Bible  ​​​​Adam and Eve were connected to everything in the Garden of Eden. When they fell from sin, they saw themselves as naked and separated. They were no longer part of the "All":  they now stood out as being so different that they had to cover themselves. The forgot who they  were.  They were alone and separated: like each single one note on a piano.  
(to be continued)

 For more detailed description of  some of these concepts you can read my other stories:
Counseling Characters


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Published on on 11/04/2020.


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