Ivana Herrmann


Hush, my dear- to hear them come, travílling over land and sea,
See the white sails high in air, in the hours of the wee,
Hear fast horsesí steady drums, leaving hills and plains behind,
Feel the myths the wind sends out, seeking others of their kind.

Watch the ships sail over oceans, shining golden, brightly white,
Seagulls following them closely, soft dull flapping on the side.
Listen to the sound of horses, mighty, black and of dark brown,
Passing sideways, land and mountains, villages and every town.

Hear the voices in the wind, calling you when dusk begins,
Telling tales as old as time, secrets, songs and other things.
See the lights in haze and mist, shimmering through every night,
Know these are the signs you search, shining dimly, shining bright.

Donít be afraid whatever comes, be sure theyíre on their ways,
They come from far, from far away, from white shores and fair bays.
Travílling over land and sea, through night and day alike,
They have been sent to take you back, back home from your long hike.

Be calm and still my dear, my love, youíre weary I can see,
Lie down and fear now nothing more, they come, they come for thee.
They hurry and will soon arrive- till then please stay by me,
Iíll hold you tight and keep you safe until you shall be free.

Tell me one last time of the wonders your eyes have seen so long,
Embrace me, kiss me, touch my heart, nothing seems now wrong.
But oh- donít tell me you regret to leave me so behind,
Iíll worship any memory of you deep in my mind.

And once theyíre here then you will know, that everythingís alright,
Youíll understand that a new day follows after every night.
So hush my dear and close your eyes, so beautiful but full of tears,
Donít cry, I beg you with a smile, weíll meet again- in just few years.

I'm not entirely sure why I wrote "Hush". Suddenly the first line was just on my mind and then the rest of the words followed without me having to do much.

For sure this poem deals with the problem of parting, farewell and death. But the narrator tries to console and reassure his friend; to give him back hope by telling him of a certain somebody who's on his way to come and take the leaving friend home with him.

Please feel free to comment on any of my works. Thank you.
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Published on e-Stories.org on 08/28/2004.


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