Ndim Muhanad

My Odessa..

My Odessa..
Words are my game..
So are the lives of my poems..
I知 dying to know who..
Would ever try to challenge..
I知 an Arabian lover..
Haven稚 you heard of me..
Haven稚 you heard of my..
Stolen soul..
I知 an Arabian lover..
Madness is my talent..
Anger is my curse..
I知 a jealous lover..
I知 a faithful lover..
I live to love..
I love to death..
I知 a knight..
With a charismatic soul..
My blood is pure..
My blood is blue..
I知 a royalty..
Because of my sadness,
Your night is black..
Because of my pains,
Your life is harsh..
For me,
The sun still shines..
I知 a wanted pirate..
Since I was born..
I have not touch an earth..
On the deck of a wooden weak ship..
I have been to the end of the earths..
I have seen the seven seas..
I have seen the creature of life..
I have tasted death..
I知 a talented writer..
I know how to write..
How to fake..
How to lie..
With this I give lives to my poems..
A blind old man taught me..
An eye for an eye..
A slave for a love..
A dept for a dept..
A lover for an eternity..
I知 a mad nomad..
I travel to see..
I travel to learn..
I travel to find..
My lost love..
I was told that there is..
A woman with black eyes..
Living beneath..
The maze of the North lands..
I left my kingdom in desert..
I left my royalty,
I kept on wandering..
I lost so many years..
I became a sinner..
I became a saint..
I kept on wandering..
Till I reached her lands..
I fought the army of earths..
I fought the army of devils..
I killed Cesars..
I killed Emperors..
I hunted dragons..
I hunted Greek gods..
I chased the sun..
I chased the moon..
I lost my crew..
I lost my dignity..
I scarified everything..
To find my love..
I lost in the maze..
Near the blue lake..
She was..
With her black eyes..
I found her..
I loved her..
I became her lover..
I became her prisoner..
I became her slave..
A slave for a love..
For her eyes..
I sold my days..
My happiness..
My senses..
My tears..
My fears..
My soul..
She left me alone..
In the lands of evil..
She stole my soul..
Left me an empty chest..
She sold my soul..
The devil gladly bought a lover痴 soul..
A dept for a dept..
My dept is to trade..
A fifty thousand souls for a lover痴 soul..
A lover for an eternity..
I dare you..
To challenge me..
Look for me..
Near the old east..
Travel a thousand years..
Till you reach my desert痴 iron gate..
You will find me..
Standing alone..
Standing proudly..
Holding my destiny..
Waiting you..
I dare you..
To challenge me..
Show up there..
With all your gods..
With all your miserable souls..
Show up there..
With an army of angels..
With an army of genies..
I知 a stars reader..
On my tomb,
I have graved my curses..
I have written my destiny..
I have known that I知 a lover..
A lover shall not die..
An eye for an eye..
You against me..
My desert,
For all your armies souls..
That is all what I can propose..
I知 a shadow..
I知 a lost spirit..
On my desert,
I知 invincible..
I will..
Crush you..
Crush your armies..
Hunt your gods..
Take all your souls..
Pay the dept to get my soul back..
I dare you..
To challenge me..
My shadow is what you may remember..
Because when I知 gone..
I知 done..
Pretty pains..
What may left of you..
Your gods..
Your armies..
I peg you..
Please, challenge me..
I知 an empty body..
I need my soul..
To feel my freedom..
To feel my pains..
To feel my love..
It has been a long time..
Since I have lost my soul..
My chest is frozen..
So is my thrown..
I need my soul..
To love..
To rest in love..


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Ndim Muhanad.
Published on e-Stories.org on 07/26/2006.


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