Samantha Rhinow

You killed me

You killed for me, that's what you tell me to silence me. You try to quieten my cries for help, you hush my hopeless screams.
You killed the only thing that kept me in this cruel world. It's true when people say: “The flames die quicker the brighter they burn”. 
In all my life, I never felt anything at all. Everything is easy when you're emotionless. You threatened my life and I didn't care at all. I listened to all your lies, to your fake promises and just ignored the danger coming from you. There was a time when I actually despised your company. But not even that you let me have. You let me fall in love with you. You let
my long built walls crumble. You let me offer you everything I have. And then, as if it was nothing, you killed me. You said you killed me for me, so I get stronger. But you lied, again. You killed me just to your satisfaction. You can't
stand the fact that someone else can live their life. You killed me by making me feel. Today, I die on emotions. Thank you.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samantha Rhinow.
Published on on 05/06/2021.


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