Samantha Rhinow

You promised

You promised you would be there. You promised that no matter what you would celebrate that day with me. You promised to think about me forever. You promised you would remember that day with me. You promised. 


Tell me, where are you? Are you happy in that little life of yours, ignoring all of your problems? Are you happy with forgetting about me? Are you happy with that little girl of yours that cannot even look me in the eyes anymore? Are you happy with destroying what we have and stealing my best friend from me? Are you happy with taking my heart and throwing it away like it was nothing? 


I am celebrating my freedom today. My freedom from all people that dared to call themselves any kind of family. I am free from hoping for you to come back for me. I am free from believing that love actually was what we had. I am free to go wherever I want. I am free to live my life to the fullest despite the ugliness in people. I am free to live like everyday was my last day. I get to do all I want. 

And you won’t get to be a part of that anymore. 


I am free.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samantha Rhinow.
Published on on 06/05/2021.


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