Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… If in the spirit of The One, or sea in the Absolute ocean,
- say -
there are no borders, no heart, no face,
and yes love and yes DNA and quantum numbers and music in action,
of infinite piety and justice are his streets, the air, the touch, the buildings;

… And if time and distances don't exist likewise,
- and going up, down and going are ignored, since in it they have no support or foundation -
ah, neither the desire and the mind desire and think because they already do it and they did it in unison
with any moment and this moment;
[in The Now, Everything was and Everything is]

…. but, and the truth, and the light, and the beauty?
Mayas, reflections of the flow, dilutions, terrestrial phases;
blessed who manages to integrate power and verb and movement and wins,
since it will have become a pillar of the temple of his God and, now, from him, no, he will never leave.

… Liberation is a conclusive triumph, a carnal end, a definitive light.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 06/09/2021.


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