Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... catch on, feel alive and fly and fly, glow;
oh soaring light,
opportunity is sometimes a dirty puddle in which we stare, absorbed in terror; then, and beyond death,
the imagination is abstracted and mute, constrained to live for two seconds
the hasty doubt of its annihilation;
... but, when he has crossed the stench of the world,
when it touches the bones and vibrates in its marrow the genius, and the emotion of life,
then oh amazing light
the imagination is no longer a top that dying will end up falling,
oh no, nor a tiger wounded and imprisoned in the thicket;
for it is simply now a sweet honor or a burning rose,
an indescribable joy among the deep and pure embers of being and the sea;
... my spirit, I will feed you with the best of the earth and the water, with the best of the air;
oh invisible flower, I will ignite you forever with the beauty of fire.

Antonio Justel Rodriguez
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 07/11/2021.


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