Samantha Rhinow


I want to be that girl. The girl that makes everyone smile. The girl that brightens the world just by living in it. The girl that holds so much power in her happiness that it could conquer every sin. I want to be that girl - but I’m not. 

I’m no reason to be happy, nor am I the reason behind a smile. I’m the reason behind the worries. I’m no cause of happiness or a person that shines bright. I am engulfed in darkness that absorbs every hint of light. The hope in me has long been extinguished. Yet I am not weak. Maybe my happiness doesn’t hold power, but my sadness does. In every second I live my power grows stronger beyond everything you have seen. I look into hellfire and smile because it’s my home.

You see, I am destined to be alone and fight in the shadows. So what? The only thing that matters is that I’m still fighting. Where I’m fighting or why or until when isn’t relevant. My home is the darkness and my comfort the rain. But answer me one question: What is more destructive - the sunshine or thunderstorms?

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samantha Rhinow.
Published on on 08/03/2021.


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