Samantha Rhinow


When I asked you what we were, my heart stood still. You looked at me like you didn’t know the answer yourself. You opened your mouth but shut it again right away. These three simple words changed everything for me - for us. We were no longer just waiting what time had planned for us. Suddenly we had to have a plan, an idea, something that could explain what we couldn’t even explain ourselves. 

And yet, the answer to my question should be so easy. I mean, everyone thinks we’re s couple. Yes, we demented it immediately yet the rumor stayed. And I understand it. The way you smiled at me - that’s not what friends do. The way we talked for hours and hours about nothing really and never got tired of each other - that’s not what friends do. The way we hugged and stayed in this position just a bit too long - that’s not what friends do. 

We looked at each other too long to be just friends - and after that, we couldn’t stop it, even if we tried. 

So I asked: “What are we?”.

And after a long time you answered: “We are friends that know everything about each other. We are dumb siblings that fight over some stupid sweets. We are the couple that everybody ships, where all knew that we would end up together before we knew it. We listen to each other regardless the time. 

You are my best friend, my family, my whole being - and everything in between.”

Let me tell you, this answer was worth any wait.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samantha Rhinow.
Published on on 08/04/2021.


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