Samantha Rhinow


There’s this one moment when you know you’re falling. Hard. 

And when you realise it, you have no control over it. You just continue falling without ever stopping. It’s to late to change it. Every smile from him, every laughter makes my heart swell up and my stomach turn with butterflies. Every look we share from across the room suddenly means so much more, holds so many emotions. His eyes are just becoming even more beautiful to you and simply everything he does is attractive. You begin to see his every move as a declaration of his love to you. 

And then- then reality hits you. Hard. 
Right when you thought he loved you too he started dating some random girl. Suddenly you understand the feeling of loving someone who loves someone else. 
You think it’ll be okay. But let me tell you, it won’t. It won’t be okay. You will fight everyday for the rest of your life against this feeling that should be heaven - but is hell for you. 

However, this doesn’t have to be the end of your story. Yeah, your life isn’t a fairytale. There is no “and they lived happily ever after” in real life. But just because your Prince Charming wasn’t who you thought he would be doesn’t mean that there is no Prince Charming in this world for you. Just wait. Someday he will knock on your door when you expect it the least. He will turn your life upside down and you’ll love it. Wait. Wait for your Prince Charming - because he’s  also waiting.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samantha Rhinow.
Published on on 08/05/2021.


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