Joseph Trance

Before I Forget

     The interphase came today.  Amazon high priority.  I ordered it
 "excess express." I ordered on-line, and had it in an hour. 
I ripped open the box, laid out all the parts, took out the manual and jetted  through my fourty thousand square foot house.  I was uber excited. I couldn't get started right away...I had, jog...calm my jitters. All because I have this need to ....remember.

  Before I forget, I need to construct and plug in the interface; one hundred and seventy three parts;W ires, IC chips, power supply innards, and hundreds of screws, nuts and bolts, build it andp lug it in.   It's like plugging in the charger to the cell phone before you fall

asleep, or taking the Melatonin so your body can remembe to sleep for at least 3 hours.
The past:

     Before I forget the piano notes I have to make sure
I hit the keyboard's record button,  so I'll have a recording of all of it,
 and nothing will be...lost..because I know for certain that I will forget the complexity of chords and notes that I have played as I am carried away by the music. I will loose consciousness...I will forget...and that will be such a loose my thoughts.

The Present:

 Before I forget the plot of the story, the description and  the
carefully crafted phrases, and complicity of the characters, I must plug 
in the interface between my mind body, so as I think the words,
they are captured on the thought app.  I think it, and it is recorded. was a chore to get up from the bed, as the thoughts filled
my head, and write them down in pen on paper.  My hands were too
slow to capture it all.
  In another lifetime  I taught courses on Data Collection for Special Education teachers. And one thing I prioritized about teaching procedures,  was the need to "write them 

down...record them..memorialize what you do."  One of my favorite mantras was. ..
 "If you don't take the data, it didn't happen."

  But now I have the app.  Now with the interface I can record it all.
And all I​​​​​ have to do is... ..remember ...where...where...WHERE...did I put 
the freaking manual???


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 08/17/2021.


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