Joseph Trance

The Revenge Car

     I haven't broken glass or punched holes in the walls in quite a while.  In fact, I have also locked the glocks and A47's in the gun case, and have secured the knives and swords in the safe, and  thrown away the key.  The C4 is tightly packed away, as are the cherry bombs and Roman Candles.

    I have instead taken the all hatred and have written stories and
poems about all the injustices I have. endured and have used the profits from these published works to buy a car...a revenge car; only two hundred and sixty-seven thousand dollars a small price indeed for my ultimate escape vehicle.

    In my childhood I would bite the palm of my right hand to express my anger and kick holes in the walls, or beat the concrete basement walls with a wooden baseball bat.   But my favorite release was
"laser"burning ants with a magnifying glass.

   In my teens I'd smoke  weed,  binge drink scotch and vodka shots.   I'd shoot rats with a BB gun, or binge on "WWF" wrestling matches, and release energy by shouting at the television, biting my hand, throwing and breaking glass plates and cups and furniture. 
      But that was all in the past.   I've changed.   Really.  I have. I've
always had a knack for writing so I took a writing class in college...And the rest is history...Now I write.   Stories.  Poems.   I work my inner demons out in speculative and fantasy fiction.
    Maybe you've heard of some of my award winning works...?

Short Story Samples:

The Holes in The Walls of Your Bitten Hand
Lazerman And the Doomed Anthill
Hand Bitten Trauma
Cherry Bombs and Shattered Glass
Scotch, Vodka and Roman Candle Shots


Or Poems Like:


Binge Drink Till Ya Stink

Take Stock, Lock The Glock

Ain't It Great To Break A Plate?

BB Gun Fun

         ( Or maybe not...)

Anyway it's a way I work out my stuff.   It's a release and it's profitable.
So...if you're on  the road and see a red Corvette  with a giant magnifying glass on the roof, doing 150 mph..honk.
And maybe...just maybe I'll throw you a signed copy of one of my award winning revenge works from a darkened window of the Revenge Car.






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 08/21/2021.


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