Frederik Kloiber




Freedom, freedom, cried out every time…
Freedom a sharp sword? Humanity squanders
it every time: it plays the fool, in word and deed.


No need for regret! No matter, regret! One day
follows – full of advice. Freedom? You are free
in your spirit, and in death. You can be free, then.


We forge our chains; so full of desire. In our zeal,
we betray everything – and ourselves. One tries
to rule – are the rest in chains?


Slavery never ends. Slavery in chains. Slavery in
debts. So manifold are the enemy and death of
freedom. So diligently masked again.


A little hatred, all the time? Nothing more is needed.
A fire is kindled, then we talk and talk about it. Resolved?
Since the very beginning, little has been resolved –
or not much…

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Frederik Kloiber.
Published on on 10/17/2021.


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