Frederik Kloiber

The Power of No:

Let everyone hear that “no” I'm giving you!
The world shall hear that hate and its obedient,
grunting pig had to flee  - when I said “No”.

You want my hate? Talking to me? Steal the Lord's
time? I am the Lord of my oath. The Lord of my “being”!
I am the god of my deed.

I choose freedom. And let all strife starve! Follow the
advice of most useful reason. All this is unknown? I see
only the doll, but where is its master?

Reason? Only he who planted it may have it. And you?
The empty bottle of beer? Gone gotten yourself a bit drunk?
You sowed stupidity, and what have you become? - Poor
little thing...

An imprisoned spirit, choked with the worst of words. I'm
not following a wolf. You want to feed? Devour yourself:
Devour  yourself. Choke on your wretched poison.

The No? It becomes your doubt. It becomes your nemesis.
It'll stop you.It makes you stupid? Is the machinery of hate
failing you? If it hurts you, why should I care? - Whatever...

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Frederik Kloiber.
Published on on 10/29/2021.


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