Antonio Justel Rodriguez


I am inside myself
I am descending towards the depths of the dark pulses;
... how difficult it is to conceive from above the noise produced by the sea and fire
hitting the being;
I can't tell you where I'm crossing
ah, I do not want, in any way, a cult that consecrates and fills the misfortune of memory
... if this light did not accompany me,
- the fragile match that gives pain -
Could I even enter where I have been for so long
so much did I destroy and so much did I love?
... but the law in which he instituted me and which now destroys me,
Would you know the enormity of this noise, its depth,
the impiety and torment of living? 
... within me voices stir, hallucinations and screams,
the world rolls crazy and before my eyes everything groans and shudders,
it swells and grows, cracks and breaks;
... even knowing myself in myself, I feel imprisoned and scared,
and no, I don't know exactly where or how I am,
because being and the world face and hit, they dissolve, they come and go,
and a dry wind, freezing and at the same time boiling, unscrupulous,
I feel that it is robbing me of strength and light from my soul;
… Oh my God, my God, I can't take it anymore and my match goes out;
Well, I don't hear or feel being, I'm empty and lost, and no, I can't find my grip,
I do not consist or exist anywhere, no, it is not an expression of life,
no, I don't feel the pain.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez
https: /www.orindepanthoseas

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 11/04/2021.


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