Rebecca K.

Little Bitch

You’re a liar

Act so lovely

When you put yourself

Above me


You’re a hypocrite

You know

Fool me, use me

Play your show


Make me compliments

All day

Trust you, love you

You won‘t stay


`Cause for you

Life is game

Kiss me, fuck me

All the same


Then you tell me

You just act

You’re a coward

You know that


Happy, loved

You made me feel

Hurts to know

It wasn’t real


We painted love

Right on the wall

With future plans

For the next fall


But it’s over

And that’s good

I don’t hate you

`Though I should


`Cause the truth is

That you’re ugly

Fooled me to believe

You’re not

Fooled me to believe

You’re different


Is all I got


Still I hope

You choke on guilt

`Cause you knew

About your luck

That you found someone

Like me

Now loneliness

Is all you got

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rebecca K..
Published on on 12/10/2021.


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