Frederik Kloiber

The gods of false promises



The word of hate? - Impotence of the mind? It's quiet there,
deep in the hater's head. - All the fools are gone, they were
taken away in a marching step. - And steel and blood were


Vociferous is the lust for power. Open your mouths. Cry out
for more, of everything and nothing. None of their slaves hear
anything. So you will see them all end up.


With a dead mind, with the greatest need it was said! Victory! -
cried the plebs! - Victory! - Victory! The mind took flight. How
many graves would you need today? - Is the fire of stupidity
burning again?


An army of thoughts. An army of words. One fine day it will get its
hands. One day it will burn again. - Our earth. -
Until it finally crumbles.


For the people! For the people! - The everlasting lie. Is everything
unknown? Henceforth! The Devil's atrocities determined by the
power of fate? - And it was nothing more than robbery and fiery


Who was there? Silence? Nobody? The coward is silent and tries to
steal away... Open up your wallet! - And I'll count out your debts.
A thousand nights full of red moons? Gods of blood and death dwell
in this world. - Endless and wretched in numbers? –Who's still counting

the fallen?

































All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Frederik Kloiber.
Published on on 01/17/2022.


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