E. C. Montana

Traveling Down Life’s Highways

You came into my life
At some point along the trail
To walk with me,
To share it all,
The good times and the bad.
As I look down the road ahead,
I wonder if I'd still see you there,
Or if you've taken that sidestreet
Some time ago to be heading down
Some other remote road.
I guess my memory will tell
Of those who came along,
Of all who walked away,
Remembering only those few,
Yes, those still here today.
Why do I ever wonder?
Why should I even care
About those lost in time?
About those who've crossed my path
Just to soon be gone again?
What if tomorrow I can't remember
What your face looked like?
Or even that you once were here?
I guess then you didn't really matter.
Just... what if you're gone one day,
Yet my eyes still see you everywhere?
And everywhere I turn I hear your voice.
Is that a sign that's to say:
Yes, for you I still care?
Then where do I go to find you?
What if I never again will?
Will our time together
Then be lost forever?
Then I walk on, my head held high,
My eyes hodden behind dark shades,
For no one must know what's hidden inside.
I'll only let the world see my smile
As I walk on, day in, day out,
Wondering what life's truly all about.
(C) 2020 ECM

All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of E. C. Montana.
Published on e-Stories.org on 02/11/2022.


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