E. C. Montana

Journey Of A Heart

A first timid step is taken,
A hand shyly reaching out,
A bridge is slowly being build to
A heart beating beyond a wall.
A light begins to glow,
A voice whispering so sweet,
A rainbow's end touches the ground.

A phone rings in the darkest night,
A new song's now filling the air,
A different world opens within reach,
A veil's slowly lifting from somber eyes,
A new beat rises from a distant drum,
A New Moon is gradually on the rise,
A spirit's suddenly set free to soar up.

A word is spoken, so softly, so sweet,
A smile's being shared from the heart,
A young eagle flies across the sea,
A rose dangling from its talon.
A friendly Sun smiles down on the scene,
A shooting star's being wished upon,
A winter storms is igniting the flame.

A spark of Hope rises up tot he Sky,
A trust's being nutured deep inside,
A dream begins to gradually unfold,
A new Love's appearing on the horizon.

A kiss is shared, then no word of farewell.
A ragign storms sweeps the dream away.
A dying heart is slowly breaking in two.
(C)ECM 2021


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of E. C. Montana.
Published on e-Stories.org on 03/03/2022.


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