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Random philosophics

Random Philosophics

The secret of wisdom is to keep of each age the essence of the learning, and applying it where it is needed, to transform experiences, to keep your mind wide open, to connect and to disconnect and to remain true and regardful to yourself.

The key to happiness' is to disconnect from everything and everyone who hinders your growth, who is toxic to you or who starts to claim rights upon you or your journey of life.

The secret of love is to love without limits

in a respectful way and being aware that each love is unique and only flourishing when it is reciprocal and lived on eyelevel.

The key to a successful life is being the person you really are, walking paths never walked before and remaining integer having the backbone to speak up where it is needed and remaining modest where it is possible. 

The secret of health is the connection to your inner self and to never allow others to break, to manipulate or to compromise you. You need to be able to look into the mirror each morning and each evening and being capable to look into your own eyes.

The key to life is to live it 
and to walk your own journey,
independent from expectations, or what others wish you to do.

Your life is only yours!
Live it YOUR way...


The importance of authenticity lies in its strength it provides us to always come back to our inner energy source.

People who try to please others while not being in congruence to their values loose a lot of energy.When the world falls apart around being authentic gives us the possibility to built up on our skills, knowledge , strenghts, unique gifts that each of us has when being authentic and true.

In addition there will always be people who will like us and what we do and say and people who will hate what we do and say and think.

So why wasting energy in pleasing those who have entirely different values than we while there are people who appreciate us when we are authentic ???

Authentic does not mean being different. You can be very "normal" and "not staking out from the crowd" while being authentic.

It simply means to live according to your inner values instead of putting masks and hypocracy. It means as well to take self responsibility for own decisions and life choices because then you know why you take a choice in life.

While people who prefer to adjust themselves to their surroundings expectations tend to not take responsibility for what they do as they would say that others demanded them to do and they adapted so it would not be their own responsibility. While it is absolutely wrong this way of thinking unless a person thinks to be a roboter or a machine.

We are always responsible for our decisions even when their are people who say they just would have followed orders. 

The simple question is... Do you want to take responsibility for yourself and your life? 


As always... some might sound provocative... but this is intended.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 03/11/2022.


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