Christian Gigerl

Just a loveful story

Once upon a time there was a valley of love and understanding. All humans in that valley lived in peace and love to each other! And it happend one day there came a strange visitor to that peaceful valley. He passed trough and talked to many inhabitants of that god-given paradise. After he did everybody he was talking to was different. No love, no understanding
anymore. They were poisoned and bad influenced.
They changed their behaviour. Nobody he was talking to had been the same than before. So that strange, unknown visitor nobody knew walked through that virgin, loveful valley and infected everyone he met by his unrecognizable virus nobody was able to define. It was an unexpected impact of misery after long time of freedom and peace in that valley. So after a time that unknown visitor came to that place, he met the last inhabitant of that valley to finalize his unfortunate journey. It was an very old man living on the edge of that valley, far away from all other people there. Even those people were peace- and loveful minded ......they didn't recognize there is one out of that community. Lonely, silent and not noticed. And that visitor tried to poison him in the same way he did before during his travel. Asking one essential question to all that people deciding about the future way of life. He was whispering a message into the ear of that old man. And that nightmare journey stopped after that. All the influence the visitor gave to that people in the valley was released in one second. Guess what the visitor was whispering in the ear of that last, old man in that valley? The question was: " What is the highest goal to reach in your life u got?". And guess what that very old man answered? "Even I am not recognized by all that people over there, My prior goal is to love them nevertheless, cause I know even they forgot me,i also know somewhere in their heart there is a place for me. Even they dont know it right now." So I answer.......I trust in the love of people around me, even it seems to be forgotten!". And this was the end of that helpless attempt of the devil to devide a valley of loveful people by one honest, unselfish old man on the edge of the valley. Love is all around. Go for it.....even it seems to be without chance. Even nobody seems to love u. Trust in them and u will rescue them even they forgot about u. That is the mercy god taught us previously.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Christian Gigerl.
Published on on 03/16/2022.


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