Bernhard Pappe

A war lamentation

Cannonballs flying in iron air

Shooting down all life.

Gunboats crossing steely rivers

Shooting down all towns at the banks.

War birds flying through burning winds

Making impacts in landscapes.

Where is the defense?

Where are the heroes?

Who will absorb all bombs?

Who will sink all gunboats?

Who will catch all war birds?

Who will avert the war?

Is there revenge?


Is there retaliation?


Is there hope?


Is there faith?


Is there peace?


Let’s fight for peace

In running wars again and again.

Against mad leadership in all countries.


© BPa / 06-2013

This poem came up in June 2013 and was so far from the actual situation in the world.
Destroying all weapons and living together in peace. The one and only way to rescue our mankind.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bernhard Pappe.
Published on on 04/06/2022.


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