Joseph Trance

As Natural As...

Fire tipped arrows and  multi caliber bullets were whizzing by.  The repetitive rat-tat-tat -tat-tat, rat-tat-tat of a Gatling gun and BOOM,  BOOM, BOOM of long range missiles echoed in Deni's ears and then faded away as Carl's voice entered.  Like a warm Summer breeze the words came, hung in the air of her mind and the noises faded into shadows of themselves.
"Just breathe.  Breathe. "
" Is that really all there is to it? " Demi asked ignoring his instruction.
 "Yes, but.."
 " Hmm.  Thought so.  Always a catch. Anytime I hear
The words, "Just" and  "Yes",  ​​​​​"But" my scam alarm goes off. And not for nothing but   isn't  breathing natural? "
 "Yes, but..."
 " Aahh.. "
​​​​​​" Buuutt..when stressed, breathing can become compromised
and the natural isn't so..natural. So, close your eyes and just take a breath and regain control of yourself. "  Carl persisted. 
Remember you are in Wormhole VR mode.  You are in control. "

​​​​​​"Control.  I am in control. " Demi said.
She breathed in and held it for 3 seconds and blew it out.  Her body relaxed and the noises faded to  whispers.

"Good.  More.  Relax.  Again.  Breathe. ". Demi concentrated and began building breath waves.  She imaged herself riding  ocean waves caressing a  and out, in and out, slowly building, and then rolling over  white sand, then pulling back and building again.  Time faded as her body melted as she became the waves.
"That's it. Yes,..yes..". Carl whispered. 
Then she was only eyes.  Eyes peering out of 20 foot waves.

" Now. "   Carl directed.  " solidify and weaponize. "

​​​​​Deni's eyes moved down and she saw the wave she had become.  She was not only water, but she was a carrier of shells, and rocks, mud and dense wet sand.  She felt a surge of power as she rose up mightily one more time carrying all that the ocean held.  

She shouted a shout of rage as she moved over the beach which was now covered with bow and  arrows, tanks and guns and long range missle launchers.  At the apex of her height she slowed and concentrated.  All things that had been in the ocean rushed into her and poised themselves.  And then...then... Crash.

She crashed down onto the beach and with power and might all the weapons of death and destruction burst apart as the mighty wave fell upon them.


Carl smiled as he observed the destruction. 

 "Perfect," he whispered .  He had the beginnings of the perfect weapon.

 "Yes, Deni.  It is natural.  As natural as breathing."



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 05/04/2022.


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