Jessica Reinert


Everything is falling apart,

Right from the start....

With you standing in the centre of dark lights.

Darkness is crawling to you from all sides.

No matter where you look,

It won't stop to grow until they are gone, the lights.

Feels just like reading a bad book.

And with one look,

You can't escape.

You just stand.

Watching how everything is taking an end.

It tears apart the ones you love the most.

This is what hurts you the most.

Knowing you can't help.

Knowing there's nothing you can do.

Neither of them has a clue...

Just stand and watch,

Until all is done.

Until the end has come.

When will it stop?

No one will know,

You go on and follow.

Your soul craves for the past,

Craves for the times before these years.

Strong and happy without tears.

Could it really last?

The times you lived in peace,

And the only problems where gone with ease.

Times, your best friend was one foot away.

Times, your home felt like home and wasn't grey.

Times, your soul wasn't lost.

Times, there wasn't a sight of despair.

Now you're going nowhere...

Times, that are memories,

In these, where life was fair.

Memories that now make you sad and smile at once.

Remember that someday this pressure will take an end.

Someday this pain will be gone.

Someday you'll feel like home is home.

With all the loved ones,

Who stick to your bone.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jessica Reinert.
Published on on 05/11/2022.


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