Rebecca K.

You got me and I got you

It's 2022  

And in Month number one

I fell for this woman  

and then she went on 


To take my breath

To take my heart

Made me believe

It‘s a new start


You’re my queen

my love, my baby

You're my favorite Person 

an' maybe


They call us cute

Because we are

since you’re my home

And you’re the star


Of all my dreams

I hope you see

That you are special

not just to me


Who doesn't get it

We wil fight

Kisses, laughter 

we won't hide 


I think we’re great

Because we try

To be a team

And don’t deny


That we are different

And the same

and when I'm kitschy 

You're to blame  


I’ve never met

Someone like you 

What "love" now means 

To me, is new 

And you Lighten up 

my life 

as I see and feel

"us" thrive


When you Need me 

I'll be there

Of you i always

will take care


fuck i love you

so damn much

Always longing 

for your touch 


And There is one thing

you should know


When you're around

inside I glow 

So whatever

we'll Go through 



know, you got me


and I got you.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rebecca K..
Published on on 05/15/2022.


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