Antonio Justel Rodriguez


To “Leona”, our old and beloved dog, “my little sister”.

[- ... in the terms of April, with multiple tricks and apparent loneliness and opacity,
the shepherd hung her, and hanged her, from the trunk of the strongest and most precious of apple trees in blossom,
and, I, her indolent pupil, that one, the one with the eye posted behind the crack of the door-]

… a wild hurricane of needles and breakers shook the orchard,
the vertebrae of the world and the udders of flowers;
darkness spread and love and afternoon fluttered aimlessly,
and the swan of life,
and the swan of death;

... that no one, no one knows how far there is damage or pain, aftermath
that no one, that no one knows!

… oh, sometimes I return to the infamous crack
and children appear with chrome irises,
lying on the ground;

… no, this is not another torment nor is it another inclemency,
that leaves raw meat and suddenly bare;

… and no, sadness does not have more rewards than an open hole in front of memory,
 an April of children and destruction, and this attentive absence observes me and persecutes me,
He wants me alive, and he will watch over me forever.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 05/20/2022.


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