Joseph Trance

Face Testing

     The third test for the two year-olds was changing the faces of adults.  Some babies could stretch the cheeks to make the silly grownups look even sillier.   Some could make the mommies and pops cry when they cried from gas pains or hunger.  It was found after
years of intense research that certain "bundles of joy" could turn a smile upside down of the happiest adult and make it frown.
  Kids at the "terrible twos" age would bring out some of the baseist
emotions of anger, frustration and confusion as the mom, dad, caretaker was challenged for the first-time by the word "No!" This negation was usually said in response to a simple request that had always been obeyed and followed by the sweetest, most adorable
mini me's.  This is where the "Turn" happened and little angel became
"denizen of disaster."
   What followed those first " No's" were tantrums, running away from mom and dad, touching things that were forbidden. What was finally agreed to by all the adults was that kids were naturally growing up as they went through all the stages of face testing.  And that the best thing that any adult could do was to accept this ugly period of development and experience all of their own faces with acceptance, calm and peace.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 06/26/2022.


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