Saskia Charlotte Junker

Will I ever forget. or the impact of criminals (elaborative)

This is a songtext rather than poetry, it tackles the imprints of organized abuse that was enabled by local authorities who made it possible that the abusers would enter my very own flat during the night, it tackles the flashbacks of it, it tackles as well the lack of civilian courage but rather a society that applauded to what was happening instead of helping to make it end.

I wrote this in autumn 2017 when I had hoped the worse would have happened, it tackles the time between 2015 and 2017 but the organized stalking had begun already in 2012.

I was still of hope there that those happenings would just leave scars and one day I would be able to live my own life without the impact of those criminals.

Will I ever forget the look in their eyes?
Will I ever forget their cheap masks and disguise?
Will I ever forget those ugly faces?
Will I ever forget the traces they left?
Will I ever forget the look in their eyes?
Filled with false pity and lacking the courage Of honesty and to stand aside.
Will I ever forget Their missing voices? Full of evil, no shame no regret?
Will I ever forget the look of their stares? twisted between horny and between “who cares”?
Will I ever forget whispering people -as soon as I pass by- and behind my back?
and when confronted their arrogance obvious,
in full believe they would never be arrested and that I would not check.
Will I ever forget? No I don’t think so.
But no matter what I’ll still be strong.
Their might remain scars But even those.
With passing time will become light and with each day lighter.
Days will shine with each hour brighter.
Moving with ease and as nothing had been. I
won’t forget but I will transform Dark into light and create a new norm.
And even the nightmares one day will be out of zone.
Life will be good as it had been foreseen.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 07/04/2022.


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