Joseph Trance


     I gently put down the paper cut out steps on the floor. I clear a path through the jungle of desks, chairs and cabinets so that the Littles won't be confused and they can move safely through the mess.

      If you dont have a clear path to follow you can get
lost among all the clutter.  I wish it was that clear in other parts of life.  That clarity of which way is out,  not of cluttered furniture in a classroom but through all the conflicts of life.  White lies, emotional stress, anxiety attacks, nightmares, relationships and all the rest of life's chaotic messes. I wish the steps out were  clear.

     But it's not like that.  The darkness of any life jungle IS the mess; the lack of clear paths through the conflicts and confusion. It is the unsure-ness of "what to do", and the resulting anxiety, confusion and darkness of "I DON'T KNOW that is the source of FEAR and the essence of
the darkness of all jungles.

    It is the making of steps, the forming of strategies and the act of setting them down securely in the midst of life's jungles that provides the way out.

    There in lies the process of life's victories.  EVERY  jungle has a way out.  There is a way out of every darkness that engulfs the human mind and spirit.  It starts with knowing what the clutter is; defining the dark of the darkness and then forming a path through it.

     There are names given to the parts that comprises such pathways: FAITH, HOPE, LIGHT, CLARITY, and UNDERSTANDING.   There are the things which lead to Strength, Resolve and Knowledge of how to make the Steps that lead you out of the jungles.

Fear not and walk in the security of steps.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 07/16/2022.


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