Alfred Hermanni

A JUMPER STORY- The lonesome teleporter


by Alfred Hermanni                      All rights reserved                                                                             August  01. 2022


Translated from german to english by myself and the kindly help of Dr. Google and Prof. Linguee. Sorry for any mistakes.

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Dear reader, at the beginning this is the usual story about a teleporter, who enriches himself by using his power. But wait, it changes...


I felt terrible bad, sick and tired. I didn't know why. But one thing became clear to me.

It got worse each time. It worsened from day to day.

My predicament was also, that I couldn't talk to my friends or anybody else. Neither with a doctor or psychologist. Why? Because of what I was able to do, no one should ever know. Otherwise I would be a risk. I would be hunted and chased. Around the country, around the world. I would be cleared by all intelligence agencies to be shot down. And if they caught me, they would blackmail me, take advantage of me and probably kill me. They would dissect me, eviscerate me and penetrate to the smallest cell. Thy would try to get behind my secret, to determine why I could do it and how I did it.

And it all began so unspectaculary, back then.




I looked closely into the barrel of a revolver, that aimed exactly at me.

A big hole promising death, that opened up only one step in front of me, ready to send me to the other side. Next to me four other people lay on the street in their own blood.

All victims of this killer, two dead, two seriously injured and they cried out in pain.

I was the next, that seemed clear. All he needed to do was bend his finger, and the projectile would pierce my forehead, exit at the back of my head and spread my brain on the street.

I had a fucking scare. A fear like never before in my almost 33 years of my life.

I started to tremble, a shiver ran down my back. Unable to say any word,

completely frozen, stoned, not even capable of an escape reflex I stood there.

My bag full of groceries from the supermarket had slipped out of my hand and fell down on the street. Glass and bottles broke and the contents scattered on the ground.

And there I stood and looked into this barrel of a mighty gun, which aimed at me to interrupt my life in a few seconds. I saw the finger at the trigger curve.

Like in slow motion I looked into this crazy eyes. My legs became wet. The pee ran down and I felt that a further increase in incontinence was on the way.

My sphincters!

They wanted to give way.

I would love to be at home. Safe from this insane killer, who was too cowardly to kill himself and dragged innocents into his inner delusions.

Probably he was waiting, for the police or Task- force to get what he deserved. A deadly shot, the fatal shot into his head and a story in the newspapers.

Strange what you think in the last seconds of life.

I just wanted only to go home, sitting on the couch, playing X- box, eat some chips, just away from here...

Intense and clear this situation appeared in front of my inner eye. A longing wish for home and safety...


...And now I was here. At home. On my sofa. Sitting on the couch in my small living- room.

Still trembling with a fucking scare, I couldn't realize what happened.

There was only one anwer: I was dead.

My life after death begins sitting on my couch. Bullshit. My life after death begins hardly with this scare and sitting on the couch.

And living after death is contradictory. Either dead or alive.

I just escaped death and shouldn't really philosophize about it.

Why could I escape from this maniac?

How I did it?

What actually happened?

Did I really do this?

Or God?

Was it a dream? No, that wasn't a dream, because of the lack of something. My bag.

I had just left the supermarket, as the killer started his bloody work, I remembered.

In terror I dropped the bag and looked straight into the gun.

But, if I had dreamed all that, it wasn't a wonder that I missed the bag.

I opened my purse, looked into and found the receipt.

Date, time and amount was right.

It wasn't a dream, it really happened. I looked death in the eye and was seconds later at home. However all this happened, it was a phenomenon.

I hadn't any idea.

Slowly I calmed down and tried to bring order to my thought chaos and recapitulated:

I didn't drink anything, I didn't smoke or took something else.

I was on the way back home when this maniac appeared and shot four people down. I looked into the mighty, black hole of his gun and let flow my pee, became a stimulus to shit, started trembling and wanted back at home.

And now I sat here. On my couch. It was inexplicable.

Unless...impossible, only science- fiction or Hollywood could create something like this.

But however, at first I had to go to the bathroom. There I changed my clothes and put all the smelly laundry into the machine.



But the impossible thought went on.

What happened?

A wonder?


Beam me up, Scotty?


Now it was out.

But teleportation is impossible.

How should work that?

It can't be.

And if it does?

Am I the living proof?

And if it does, it should happen again.

The proof of the pudding is the eating, an idiom says.

Back on my couch I focused my thoughts to my bed in the sleeping- room, trying to jump. And I found me sitting on my beloved couch.

This way didn't work. Something was missing. But what?

Perhaps I wasn't focused enough.

I breathed several times and calmed my thoughts, focused my spirit to my bed and sat on my couch nevertheless.

Something gave me a kick, I thought. What was the difference?

Maybe the fear?

I remembered: the mighty gun, the maniac and the feeling of fear of the death.

Yes, the fear of the death was the difference. Fear can move mountains.

Maybe the fear of the death made that possible.

Only the fear gave me the focus, the mental power or whatever.

I reminded myself at the situation and felt the fear in my body, felt it spreading in my nerves and then it reached my brain...and lay on my bed in the sleeping room.

That was only five meters. But it worked. I tried again and sat on my couch.


I'm a teleporter, a jumper.

I tried it again and again. From my couch to my bed and reverse.

Then I tried to reach my car outside. It worked. Then back to my rooms.It worked. Back to my car. It worked. Back to my rooms. It didn't work. I was tired. No more power.

I found some sweets in the glove box and ate them. A few minutes later I tried again and it worked. I was back in my rooms.

Indeed I was a teleporter, a jumper.

But also a mutant, a freak, a monster.

This new power would really change my life.

But in which direction? Time will show.

Now I was tired and wanted only to sleep.

I sneaked into the bedroom and slept immediately.


I awoke with heartbeats, entirely wet and completely nervous.

The dreams at night were all nightmares.

I looked into the fridge and saw the same as yesterday...nothing. Of course, the bag with all the food said good bye, yesterday.

I don't had any money, not even a coin.

But then I had an idea. Somewhere I had a little piece of dope, which a friend forgot. I searched for it and found it.

I knew that there is a meeting point for drugs in the near.

I went to this place, sold my dope and with 20 € in my purse I bought some bred, sausage and cheese.

As I passed the supermarket all the images from yesterday ran through my brain and I got weak knees. I saw the headlines in the newspapers in my minds. The pictures of the victims, a fleeting eyewhitness was searched, and so on. The maniac must looked very astonished, when I disappeared in front of his eyes. The deadly shot he got indeed. From the special- forces, 10 minutes after he began the bloody massacre. Congratulation, I thought with sarcasm, you really got what you deserved.

And all these confirmed, I wasn't crazy. My memory didn't cheat me. All my self-doubts flow away.

After breakfast I felt really better. With new power I went down to my postbox.

Just the same as everyday, prospects and other advertisement. And an expected letter from my bank.

Back in my rooms I opened it. After all usual phrases, they told me that they can't give me any credit.

Fuck, I really needed this credit. So many years I was their bank customer, but now, they told me about a global crisis, bad economy and burned my ear with other phrases. The banks and other credit institutes started the global financial crisis around the world, their own fault.

I also lost a lot of money, because I invested into papers, which they offered me. Absolut sure, no risk, bla, bla, bla.

For a phonecall they were unreachable, and for talking I suddenly needed a date. Gangsters they all are. I only could give up all my hopes. All my dreams for a better future.

All my plans I had to cancel.

Really? My brain started to work.

I got a plan.

Of course, it would be against the law.

But they cheated me, they sold me worthless papers. It was a deception, a fraud.

Of course, it was my own fault. But they were responsible. They knew exactly what they were doing, when they persuaded me to make the deal.

They only would pay back, what was mine.

Even today. During their lunch.

I started to make a plan, how to get back my money.

Sureley they had security and videocameras.

That means, that I needed a camouflage.

I had to check the location and so on.

I realized that today wasn't a good time for this job.

To start the job in my bank was also not a good idea.

Better to start at the main bank.


It was late in the night. The darkness was my friend. Dressed in dark clothes, a black painted face and masked eyes I stood behind the bank.

I saw the video cameras and sprayed the lens with black color.

Through a peephole in the backdoor I could look into the inside. Enough for me. A second later I was in the room behind.

From downstairs I heard some noises and voices. On my tiptoes I sneaked down the stairs.

Two securities watched a soccer game on TV.

Through an open door I could see another room with several monitors to survey the environment. One of them was black. Surely the one which I colored black.

Two of them showed the vault. Perfect!

I jumped inside and saw a lot of money. Euro, Dollars, British Pound and much others. I felt like Dagobert Duck. Surrounded by money.

I stuffed three bags which I carried full of Euro and Dollar and jumped back home.

But I had to do something other.

I jumped back into the monitor room and put all the discs together and jumped back home, where I destroyed them.

Then I started to count my loot of today.

I was really astonished. Around 500 000$ and nearly 700 000 €, more does not fit in my bags. But I was satisfied.

This was much more than I lost, but who cares.

This was the right punishment for them.

Now I was rich. But also a gangster. Just an ordinary gangster. A bank robber.

But where is the difference between me and them?

The banks ruined the world with their dubious transactions and ruined me.

Now I was a rich gangster. A gangster like them.

An unpleasent thought which I pushed away quickly.

Not only a rich gangster, but also a freak, a monster, however.

Never will I be the same as yesterday.

Everything would change from now.

Even the police found out, who robbed the bank, how they would catch me? How to lock up me?

I could go whenever I wanted.

I felt me powerful, mighty, very mighty.

I realized which power lay within me.

A power which I never could imagine.

Immediately I canceled all my plans.

Honest work, an own company. Bullshit!

Now I never had to work anymore.

I could became the richest man on earth.

Then the banks would beg me for money.

I looked to the money and noticed that it was numbered. Very bad, I had to change it. But where?

Switzerland. Of course Switzerland.

I needed a numbered account.

So I decided to transfere all the money to the Credit Suisse.


A few days later it was done. They didn't ask any questions in the bank when I arrived with a suitcase full of money and soon I got my mumbered account. In memory to the crazy gunman I choosed the PIN: Amok!!! With three exclamation marks.

Now I thought about to make more money.

From my main bank or from other banks?

I decided to ruin the main bank.

That would give more satisfaction.

Three days later, the next run. After three days the same and a few weeks later more than 20 Millions € filled my account.

It started to enjoy me.

Instead of bags I jumped with moving boxes and filled them with all I got.

Two month later I owned almost 500 Million €.

Time for changing.

A house with garden? Or a penthouse in Frankfurt or Munich?

A villa in Roma or a big Motor boat? An Aston Martin or Ferrari?

At least I owned in Paris, London, Frankfurt and even Dubai several real estates.

In the garages Ferrari, Jaguar, Chevrolet Corvette or different Mercedes- Benz and BMW waited for me. And of course, Harley Davidson Motorbikes should not be missed.

My outfit also changed. I weared suits. Dark suits. Moved in higher circles were they didn't talk about money and the origins. Because of my school education I spoke english very well and would recognized on international level.

Independant gentleman, inheritance and investments was my legend.

Meanwhile my account increased more and more and was filled with two and a half Billion €.

And this ensured a peaceful sleep.

Not any remorse on my side, I felt the „law“ on my side. And as a freak, life should be more calm.

The bank wasn't ruined, only the insurance became more expensive.

Also strange, not one headline in the papers or TV told about the disappeared money. Probably they covered it up with an accounting trick.

But that's not my problem.

For a horrible consultant's salary and the help of my bank I got a Liechtenstein- connection.

Now I became the director of a foundation where I earned legal a lot of money every month.

The purpose of this foundation was: Research into residue- free transports.


My power increased, I was able to jump to every point of the world. Incredible. Hongkong, NewYork, Rio, L A, no Problem, all was possible.

Money didn't means the same as yesterday for me. I had too much of it. And I didn't remember how it was without.

What should stop me now? Only myself or a higher force.

But I did it. Myself. To impress a beautiful woman.

It's clear that money attracts women, it makes sexy. Must be an instinct of the women.

In my case it wasn't different.

She was the prettiest woman I ever saw. Her name was Katrin and she had all what I needed, all what I've been searching for.

And I fault. Only to impress her. A fatal error.

We sat in my penthouse in Frankfurt and Katrin told, that she's never been in New York for shopping. I took her hand and a moment later we saw the Central park from my penthouse in Big apple. A very big mistake.

Her eyes woud very large and suddenly she collapsed.

She fell to the ground. It seemed that slowly her life energy escaped. Like a candle in the wind. She tried to call my name but then Katrin breathed out and died in my arms.

I asked me so much questions. Why she died after jumping?

I jumped so often without any problems.

It's only my fault, I reproached myself.

I cursed this fucking killer which leaded me into this desperate situation.

Better he would have shot me, than Katrin could be alive.

I didn't find any answer.

After several desperate hours I found back to reality.

I had to make her body disappear. Secret.

But how?

To jump into a desert to leave her for the vultures? Abandoned in the nowhere. No! That would not be an appropriate solution.

To jump into a hospital and leaving her there? No, I had to avoid any traces in my direction.


I saw her lying on the ground, her beautiful blue eyes, without any life, and I started crying without restraint. It all was my fault. Me, the freak. Me, the mutant. Only to impress her, like a... poser.

But now I was here, with her dead body.

No one could help me, I was alone and had to find a solution.

Slowly an idea began to find a way in my thoughts.

At home I changed my clothes. In my cupboard I had a complete equipment for mountaineering or arctic environment. I choosed the arctic stuff.

Late at night I jumped into the municipal morgue. A lot of coffins stood there, ready for the crematorium next day.

Soon I found what I've been looking for.

A coffin with a notice, that it shall be closed.

I opend the coffin and saw the body of an old man.

After touching the dead body I jumped to Fireland and than to Antarctica. Somewhere in a giant area of snow and ice I materialized with the body of this old dead man. At the horizon I could recognize huge mountains. I jumped with the body to the top of one and started looking for a glacier. It wasn't hard to find. I jumped to the glacier and found very soon a crack, where I could dispose the old dead man.

Maybe in thousand years it would be a spectacular archaeological sensation, if this body would be found.

I jumped back to Katrin, touched her and jumped to the morgue.

I placed her inside the coffin, took a last look and closed the coffin.

Next morning she would burn and disappear for ever. My love. And it was my fault that she died.

For a whlie I stood there, unable to leave this place.

But than I had to decide and I jumped back.


Back in today

I felt terrible bad, sick and tired. I didn't know why. But one thing became clear to me.

It worsened from day to day. It got worse from time to time.

My predicament was, that I couldn't talk to my friends or anybody else. Neither with a doctor or psychologist. Why? Because of what I was able to do, no one should ever know. Otherwise I was a risk. I would be chased and rushed. Around the country, around the world. I would be cleared by all intelligence agencies to be shot down. And if they caught me, they would blackmail me, take advantage of me and probably kill me. They would dissect me, eviscerate me and penetrate to the smallest cell. Thy would try to get behind my secret, to determine why I could do it and how I did it.

And it all started so unspectaculary, back then.


Soon I felt myself really sick, bad and tired and it worsened from day to day.

Next morning I jumped to my car, going to visit my doc. He checked me, took my blood, listened to my heartbeats and so on and so on. He tried everything, after all I was a well insured private patient.

But finally he had to admit, that he couldn't find anything. Nothing. He didn't had any declaration. In his eyes I was healthy.

No wonder, I couldn't tell him about my... special forces. Probably he had to send me immediately to a sanatory for maniacs.


Why did I feel so bad, so terrible tired and sick? Why I felt so...paralyzed?

Maybe, I thought, are too much jumps the reason of my bad constitution.

Who could give me an answer?

Who could I ask actually?

With every hour, every day thinking about this matter I became more and more depressed.

So lonely.

Me, the lonesome teleporter.

My will to live melted away.

But then I read about a guru from India who allegedly had extraordinary healing powers.

After I checked his name, Gowinda Prangh, a lot of informations I could collect with the help of Dr. Google.

Probably I should talk with this guru. I decided to do it and jumped the next day to Mumbay, India.

When I wanted to ring the bell, the door opened, a young and pretty woman welcomed me and let me in. Smiling in silence she escorted me to the study, where Gowinda Prangh was waiting for me.

He introduced himself and welcomed me very friendly and respectfully. He was a small man and undefinable old. He wore a sand- colored cape according to the national custom. An intense charismatic aura surrounded him. A self- confident and proud appearance.

May I offer you a cup of tea?“, he asked with a smile on his face. I liked this smile because his eyes showed that it was meant honestly and new hope inpired me.

Yes, thank you“, I answered.

You are very ill. You don't feel well and you are very tired“, he claimed and I knew that he was right. Could he see it on me?

Yes, I feel so sick and terrible. I don't no why“, I confirmed.

After telling him about my constitution I offered him a good payment.

But he didn't want any money and advised me to donate it for some local aid agencies.

My case wasn't a matter of money, he told me.

Immediately I signed a cheque with 100 000 $ for a local school.

Indeed he was a little bit impressed.

But then he told me, that he was waiting for me since a lot of months.

And do you know why?“, he asked me and looked deep in my eyes.

Sorry, no meaning“, I answered.

Because we, you and me, are unique on this world.“

Oh“, was my only comment.

He continued: „Before we talk further I have to explain something.

I know everything about you, till deep in your soul. I am able to feel any extrasensory activity on earth. You are a powerful jumper, very mighty and as I said the only one. Because of this gift, you became very, very rich, even though the most of the money is stolen. But I'm not here to talk about legal or illegal.

Now we have to find out what makes you ill. Please, tell about the last jumps.“

I told him everything, from the beginning, the rush of money, my dear love and her dead, the jumps to Antarctica...

Suddenly he disturbed and asked surprised: „You jumped with dead bodies? Several times?“

Yes, indeed. Let me think, five or six times. From New York to Antarctica was the longest jump.“

I think we have a interesting trace. It's not important how far or long. Important is, that you jumped with dead people. You must know, in the phase of the jump your molecules mixed up mith the molecules of the dead body.

On this moleculare level you got a lot of corpse poisons, necrotoxins in your body structure. I suppose that the area in your brain, which is responsible for your power, is filled with this necrotoxins. With the usual means of medicine we don't get any succes. I think, we have to dilute all the toxins, to make the poisons in your body...thinner.“

What can I do? Can anything be done for me at all?“, I aked after listening to this terrible news and my hope faded.

But my new friend calmed me and continued.

Because you are the only jumper on earth I don't have any experience with teleportation. But I knew several other mediums. Telepathy or Telekinesis is not so rarely as people think. But a mighty power like yours is really unique and I think, I can help you.“

Are you serious? Is that true? There is help for me? How?“

Jump. Jump with living men, with living bodies, preferably with men. Start with me. It would be a great honor and a valued experience for me.“

I did it, with Katrin... and she died!“, I remembered.

She wasn't strong enough, not prepared and shocked. Her ESP- center was only rudimentarily formed. You must know, everybody has a ESP- center. One strong, the other weakly. If one with your talents meets another ESP- center which is really weakly formed, the stronger will accumulate the other. During the jump the stronger...eats the other, incorporates the other. I don't have the right words.“

But what can I do now?“

As I told you. Jump. Jump with me.“

With you, but what is, if you...“

Gowinda interrupted me: „I'm strong. Stronger than you think. I work like a catalyst. Come on, jump with me!“

Are you sure?“

Yes, indeed I never jumped with a teleporter, it's my first time,

but I'm looking forward to it.“ Gowinda said with firm voice and he didn't tolerate any contradictions.

Finally we don't want to endanger others and so I agreed.


And we jumped. We jumped a lot of times. Gowinda really enjoyed every single jump, he saw so much countries and cities and all for free. But he leaded me to complete other places, which I never expected. Not to Manhatten, Roma, Vatican or Akropolis. However I should call it, he really was a cunning leader, educator or teacher.

He didn't jump with me to the tourist destinations. On the contrary, he showed me the other, ugly sides of the big cities.

Instead we visit the slums, the dumps, the contaminated areas around the world. Our poisoned world, the poorest people in the world. He leaded me to the hardcore- capitol Port au Prince in Haiti, the slums of New York, to the townships of Soweto and Johannesburg, Manila and Mumbay and so much other places, where people lived, which hadn't the luck to be born in a rich country, like me.

But in all these dangerous areas, nobody bothered us, nobody threatened us.

It was the aura from my guru, which made us untouchable.

I was ashamed of my former superficiality. The sight of all this need, spoke for itself.

Gowinda hadn't to argue, as I saw children working extremely hard in a quarry, only to form little sculptures and figures from the granite for selling to the tourists.

I got tears in my eyes and Gowinda nodded knowingly.

I couldn't make a secret of my feelings.

We jumped from town to town, from country to country and two weeks later I felt better indeed.


I was healed. And much better, I became another man than before. My new experiences changed my life in a way, which money can't do.

Gowinda gave me something special. A new sight for the world.

The knowledge, that my power is not only for myself. It's for all men, all children and everyone on this world. It's not only to make me rich. To share it, to support the poor people, for the benefit of the good, this should be the destination.

It was time to say goodbye. Full of confidence I looked into the future, a little sad only when I thought of Katrin.

Gowinda looked at me, when I gave sign for farewell. He sent me his special smile and enjoyed my urge for action, allthough he couldn't know what I really

intended to do.

Who dies earlier is dead longer“, Gowinda joked and added: „ Keep away from dead bodies, they don't do you any good.“

We hugged each other and I disappeared with a „Plopp“ when the air filled the resulting vacuum.



My decision was final. At first I sold all Penthouses which I didn't need, every unnescessary car and bike. Only my Harley Davidson and one of the Mercedes- Benz SLC were enough for me. And all the Billions? You can't eat the money, a wise man told.

That's right, I have finally recognized that.

Little by little I donated a lot of money to projects for help the men, but in my area and my country. To help the world, that's a job for Bill Gates and the other champions in their league.

With my 2,5 Billion € I'm just a rookie.


And if we already talk about money, I don't need billions, just a few millions are also enough. And if I need more, I'll find a way. You know what I mean.


The end








































































All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Alfred Hermanni.
Published on on 08/01/2022.


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