Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... voracious, swift and ungraspable it comes and surges in light and war
a heartbeat of love;
and so, enormous, without warning, it opens doors, removes, sets fire to and demolishes entablatures,
maddens blood and marches like a god who would create a universe
without divine sciences, without face or magnitude;
And oh, woe to me the times I heard it…!
… And his chest is before him white onion, honey or wax, amber, and saffron petals the eyes,
showing the sea which absolutely scorching flank, without mercy or law;
therefore, when he is suddenly absent or disappears and the heart remains among serpents and shadows,
between knives and rags, and he asks or curses the reason for the leaden hours and nights,
ah, then, emptied the body, eaten or damaged,
everything in it becomes - as we have already said - voracious, fast and incomprehensible, a gloomy lair
of serpents and shadows, of sooty rags and knives;
and woe, woe is me, the times that he had to die of cold for eons, ages and epochs,
woe, woe is me;
... and look at me today,
my irises are still marble and cinnamon.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 09/01/2022.


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