Grace Hope

True Oneness

True Oneness

Dear God,
Father, friend, passionate lover!

How much do I care for others,
wanting them to know,
that they are loved
precious and significant to me.

Thank you for allowing me to see
that this is your heart
also for me.
So beautiful indeed!

Now I deeper grasp
how wholehearted is your pursuit for me
that always you will find
ways to talk and walk with me.

Sorry that I doubted
that I could miss your presence
that I may not hear
Your voice of Life in me.

I live in you and you live in me,
destined to meet
each other

I give up to worry
all lies to be apart
accepting that we are truly one.

How can it truly be
that you so honour me
to entrust Your own Life to me?

I am so sorry that deep inside
I had not understood
this precious gift of yours:
Your Life and trust in me.

Sorry that I didn´t know
how to receive
how to respond,
trying to survive, strive
living my own life
out of my own strength..

In awe of who you are
your life and your trust
I am asking you today:
help me to surrender
to live in oneness
truly Your Life
in Your strength
not mine!

Thank you that You found me.
Deep within me
I can be
and become alive.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Grace Hope.
Published on on 10/03/2022.


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