Mathis H.

A Glance in Vienna

Jesse came a long way from
His homeland to this austrian town
He received Impressions to add
To his book of life, where it forever lasts
And all around are things that make
Him dream around and take a break
From thoughts that try to root
His wish to take on lifes pursuit

And he's walking by his way
His body made him quick to stay
He somehow had a glance that lied
Deep down in those light grey eyes
Right ahead in a train he's in
From a girl who's looking right at him
He cant forget what he sees right now
Never known in life before
It makes him shatter into a lot
Of pieces broken right on spot

His body starts to take control
And takes over with his soul
And all this happens in a brief moment of time
From sensing to his first huge smile
A new world he explored today
Which no one could take away
A feeling thats not to explain
But to paint in every frame

So Jesses journey spread new roots
He looks around with a different view
And the wonders just began
There are so many things that can
Add a note to his book of life
And if he looks he sure will find
Something that can make him remember
This special night in Vienna

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mathis H..
Published on on 10/07/2022.


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