Joseph Trance


    "The best times are the human ones, " Nathan said. " The times of sorrow, doubt, dark clouds.  And being who he was they are the darkest of the dark. "
 Jackson considered it, then slowly rubbed his hand over his chin.
 "But being who he was, he always came out clean, he never fell."

Nathan nodded,
 " And that's exactly why we can't let them play out till the end.  We have to cut them short.  We have to leave them right before he gets the victories.  See, it's in the experience of the darkness is where the vulnerability is.   Darkness has its time, even for him.   It's real.  His feelings must be played out because they have to.  He had to fully feel them all.  If He didn't then He couldn't be  fully human. " 
  Jackson whispered   "A time for every purpose under. .."

 "Exactly,"  Nathan agreed .  " His friends asleep in the garden, when He overturned those tables, when  He got that kiss of betrayal, when He cried when His friend died; disappointment, anger,  sorrow. ..But the best two..asking that the cup be taken from Him, and when He felt abandoned by His father."

 Jackson's eyes glazed over:  "Fully human."

 Nathan nodded. I

  "We cut the real endings of the last two and we have the perfect package.  It'll sell by the billions.  Especially now..pandemic and Covid overtones, Jan. 6th chaos, Ukraine devastation and the destruction of Ian in Florida...the timing couldn't be better.  At a time when people are feeling isolated, defeated and alone we sell it as, a  virtual reality  package under the tags: 

"You're not alone. He knows how you feel."

 Jackson whistled.     And all that time they are playing out the package they will be soaking in the sorrow, the hurt, the pain.  Wow...Billions."



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 10/11/2022.


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