Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Evelina Nunez

… consciously, with every thought and emotion, this woman was building the world;
After creating it with roses and lilies, which divine fruits, she kept the golden word
in her throat, there she hid it, in her temple;
hence her house inside her, the arduous cosmogony with which she implanted
her first freedom:
 her law;
… Evelina Núñez coughed, swept and waxed stairs,
And, when she looked inside, she knew when a ray of sunshine burned
on a speck of dust or the sea;
her first birth dated from the time when the dew came,
that's why she knew living fire, living water and other equipment
with which the spirit boils;
… Evelina Núñez remembered their names, their faces and the dates of their deaths,
but she also knew of a debt of love that in one life and another
she intensified him and burned his soul;
hence her austerity in the face of her pain, or the humble light she used
her when she entered her being, and, in exalted peace, her being lit up.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 10/14/2022.


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