Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... and what, what work, what work is ours, so apparently diabolical or difficult:
that of dismantling ourselves internally and one by one of the cement and gravel,
of the tight mud walls and solid adobes,
from the frayed bricks of old emotion and our iron minds...;
the old guard oppresses and fences with traditions or hoops of races and times,
with blows of blood, with threats, with terrible phrases and heartrending screams,
with archaic and wicked laws,
and, likewise, with endless fears, with burning tears, with vows and oaths;
... frugal or brief - what a sigh is - who will overcome the marks of Cain and Abel,
to the conscious tearing of the soul to be restored to it new life and air, light and color,
pure science, modern technology, sacred and civil,
progress as good and true of this testament or infinite story;
let it be for the XXI and its now,
for a space without dark boxes, sealed and stiff with padlocks closed inside,
let's say, let's say no to walls, no to fear and no to sickles;
and who, who or who will decide to cross the terrestrial and cosmic bridges to ignite their being
with solar frequencies and springs or pools of unfathomable and inexpressible virtue;
... 2019, a year 3 of Tibetan reading and catalyst;
So let the modern rhythms of creation be reopened and activated and vibrate...!
... therefore, and from here, to the brave ones of the multiverse and of the Earth,
my appreciation and affection,
my deep attachment,
my strength and faith,
my greeting,
my eternal hug
Antonio Justel-Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 10/21/2022.


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