Andreas Schulz

a question of luck

what is luck
is it a fuck
with a girl
in the whirl
pool sucking
cock plugging
him into her
hope she were
willing to swallow
cream no sorrow
to cum all
over her call
her horny and
greedy pretend
she is your
baby for sure
but you need
not just
for lust
like a cum thing
luck is not
the whore no
matter how hot
she will go
home and alone
you stay
neither her phone
number gay
getting no solution
for luck
just evolution
of nowadays fuck
go enjoy
live and boy
everlasting luck is
soul fuck with
someone who
teaches love and poetry too


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andreas Schulz.
Published on on 09/01/2006.


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