Joseph Trance

First Loves.

The women started with Debbie.
Then Maureen
Then Mary and Mary
Then Denise.

    I walk to her house and pick her up to go to confession.  But what I really want is to kiss her.  She's 12 and So am I.  We never did kiss. At graduation from our grammar school she won the Math Medal and I read the epistles during the mass.
  She lived down  the block from me.  She was my first, but not.  And there was something inside me that was a sense of regret of the future, because somehow I knew that we would never kiss.
   Maureen was my first  high school girlfriend.  We met at a high schooldance,  and I was drawn to her cuteness.  It was a while before I found out She had cystic fibrosis, but that made me want her more.  We kissed a lot and explored teenage sex together. 

After Maureen there was Mary. We volunteered together at St. Kevins' Saturday program for the handicapped. After splitting with Maureen, I asked Mary to meet me.   We kissed on New Years of 1978.  I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised at the liveliness of her tongue and how sexy and hot she was.  I was working in a church rectory at the time and I invited her over to meet me in the church.  I was working that night.  And  Father Joe and Father Kenny paid an unexpected visit New Years Eve. 

 And I remember having Mary hide in the big walk-in church safe as we heard Father Joe coming.   But  she was quiet and he finally left.

  Denise was my college love.  She was pretty, christian, and I thought 
 Of marrying her.  I remember how surprised I was that she wasn't dating the college football team.  She was very pretty, and had this 
 "Full of Life" energy.  She had a big siblings, was a devout
Christian, and worked in a bakery.  We kissed the first time in Kissena Park after some Rose Wine and cheese and crackers.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 10/29/2022.


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