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Seen these days I only published from the book of my biography and what is happening seen the urgency of that those injustice crimes against me and others stop once and for all I had barely time to work on my book about the insights from my healingwork.

The book I am working on is called "healer behimd the scenes" seen I have 30 years of medical studybackground amd 20 years of healing background with successful treatment results I am quite a while alreqdy woeking on a book and hopefully will soon have time to comcentrate fully again on that i stead on the bullshit fovernments and their state agemt slaves and the vatican is fabricating.

And behind the scenes? Because i keep giving treatments and healthcoachings wherever I go ans as well to people who usually dont have access to medicine or therapy or who have such a co fidential life that they would not be able to consult a doxtor with their ailments.

I wouls like to share here some health tips for neurodermitis or atopic excema.

I suffered from it as a child a lot (strangely enough as well there they seemed to say it would be janina who had suffered feom neurodermitis. No she was JEALOUS that i suffered feom it and she not becaus it got so much attention. I did hate the attention it caused ans actually this is what neurodermitis is as well about).

Lets first describe what neurodermitis is.
It is an excema and rash on the skin , mostly on the backside of our knees or the inside part of our arms or it shows on our neck.
it is directly connected to the nervoussystem amd therefor often a direct response to stress.

From traditional chinese and traditional japanese medicine the organ Skin refers to the element of metal.
The element of metal stands for the connection from the i side to the outside , the skin is our natural barriwr of defense, the lungs and the intestine with its skinsurface are directly connected to the detoxification system of our bosy.

Dis you ever notice that when you have co stipation for too long or you did not drink enough water and liquid for too long time you start to have skin rashes? This is because then the body starts to detox through the skin.

Skin issues on an emotional scale (shiatsu does not treat oy the physiological system but always as well the emotional and me tal system. And therefor the teaching goes i to deep emotional and physiologocal topics and its connections among each other),
are often related with wanting to create distamce. To keep people away.
It maybe is one of the reason neurodermitis occurs so common in children seen they have no possibility yet to get away what or who bothers them.

This is most probably true to my case.
i had neurodermitis until the day I moved wirh michael away from mechthild and janina.
After 6 horrensous years with contant neurodermitis within 1 week it vanished.
you could say it would have been due to the constant fights and battles of michael and mechthild but i receives the unpleasant proof in 2008 when i for 1 year was again in touch with mechthild and janina.
it broke out again as horrible as it can be seen as in thr adult version I had it on my entire arms looked like sand paper and i had it so terrible around my eyes that i looked like an owl and nothing helped.
Wirh the challenge that my only remedy creme i could not put on my eyelids seen you cannot put any creme on your eyelids that is not specially made for it .otherwise it wouls drop into your eyes causing infections and worse.

One time in 2008 I even had to go into thr emergemcy room to get a stron antihistamine. This was coincidentally at the hospital of Malcesine.
the team og the volleyball team at malcesine had brought me there because they xouls not watch me suffering anymkre and someone made sure that i would not need to pay for it seen i had no insurance.

One week aftet i had cut any contact with janina and mechthild in 2009 the excema once again vamished in mysterious way.

As a child only few was able to help.
we wanted to avoid cortison at all means because coetison on longtermuse is known to thinnen the dkin to pergament and to can lead to elderdom blindness.

But even more.During my time at the Arcana Heilpraktikerschule Hamburg , I learned that thwre has been research that when neurodermitis is treated with cortison and not the roots to it and then there is a significant number of children that then develope asthma ..when as well the asthma is numbed out by a pure sympton treatment there is a too significant number of people who later develope cancer tumours.

Here is a list of thinga that really did help me:

A changed diet:

- entire removal of white grain 
-entire removal of sugar and substituting sugar with honey (preferable loval honey from a beekeeper)
- entire removal of eggwhite and being careful with histamine rich food (and beverage)
- entire removal of cowmilk, however cheese and yoghurt worked well in a moderate form and as well foe the calcium intake
- no sweets that co taines sugar or sweeteners,
as well here substotuting with honey or fruitsugar 

For direct skin treatment. There is a wonderful company called PENATEN.
they produce specifically cremes and powder and soap and shampoo for babies in highest quality and they exist for many years. The efficiency of their remedies and peoducts ia proven as well that their recipy barely ever changed in decades.

The penantencrme is a thick white greasy creme that contains a lot of zink which is naturally good for the skin and the immune defense system.
All defensemechanisms of our body and as well of our skin and emotions has as well to do with a healthy immune system.
everything that counts and helps for our physiological system helps on their energetical scale as well for our energetical and emotional immune system.

The creme is very rich, so the best you can do is to apply it in the evening before going to sleep or before doing the baby or child afternoon nap.
explain nomatter the age very well for what it is good for and that it helps against that nasty itching excema whixh is really tremendous I can tell you from personal experience. If you necer had sth like that imagine that wherever the child has that rush it feels for the child as there would be extreme itching moskitobites...

so explain your child well that thr creme package you aplly is helping against it eventhough in thr beginning it feels weird.
I used to put it around the affected skin in a pastelayer and wrapping it with soft cloth (we used back then the cotton cloth that was used once upon a time when there were cloth and not pampers used).
Dueing the evening we put a thixk layer and during thr day break a thinner layer. So during sleep it could soak into the skin and heal as well the skin well from the scratches.. (I still have scratchmarks in my arms from the time when we did not have found a remedy yet and I used to wake up in thr middle of thr night scrarching. So bad was it.

it was the only think what really helped.

In case you use so far cortison cremes can slowly reduce the cortison creme and start using the penanten creme for the night and use thr cortison for emergency during the day..then slowly reducing it..
remember that cortison has an addictive it must be reduced slowly.

In addition I figured out that a healthy regular detox discipline when the exvema is oresent in adulthood is helpful as well.

One of the most efficient detox and purification remedies I do know is ALOE VERA . Be it as juice or as capsules.
If you wish to add this as well in super sugary times or when you have difficulties to cut down on histamine rixh food you can get pure aloe vera juice at the walmart in the digestive remedy section in the prescription free area.
remember to use for children whenever possible NO capsules and NO pills tp teach them that health does not come from pills but from treating the roots and that they see the plants and direct remedy.

On thr energetical level did help the flowers of bach to me and the globuli  but not in form to eat but for me it was enough to get the specific mixture into a bottle that I used to carry around wirh me in the pocket of my trousers or to keep it in my hand(contact a good and WELLSTUDIED-it takes several years to study the specializarion in homeopathy to find the for you or your child appropriate homeopathic remedy ).
I remember this aspect so very well because janina was sooo jealous about me that she asked for a little bottle as well and ahe received a bottle that contained just water to be not so jealous anynore.
I never understood her jealousy..she for sure was not jealous about the pain and suffering from the excema.
And I did hate the caused attention seen I with the excema was at least happy about one thing. People did leave me in peace when they were not sure whether it wouls be contagious or not or when they hears me crying and shouting as it was not pleasant to be around me ehen I had those excemas.the oy person who manages to stop my cruing was Maria Siegers. (the first wife of Fried Heinz Theodor Junker, he had only marriws her because she suddenly was pregnant but not from him but she was living in a tiny town and working for a kindergarden so it would have been a scandal if she had been unmarries with a child and noone knowing who wouls be the father.)
she always managed to put me at ease and i stoppes crying.

 a short explanation to those who dou t this.
It is all about frequency.
Everything has a frequemcy. A substance, a plant, an organ, a though, an emotion,our inner attitude, a colour.
this is all peoven these days. Our bodyfrequencies interact constantly.
shiatsu is a frequency work. Energywork. Amd homeopathy works as well on the frequency level. The higher the potenz of the homeopathic remedy or the flower remedy the higher the frequency and working on a specific level of our body mind emotional energy frequency system.
i learned and studied all those things druing 
Shiatsu (the scientific basis of shiatsu, newenergywork, and a bookpublication by a researcher from russia korotkov)
And during my time at the ARCANA naturopath school at hamburg, germany with professors and teachers from university AND complementary medicine background , some of them in 3rd generation of profound knowledge and as welm first teachings about meditation and frequemcies and the effect of them fueing meditation at my age of 9 seen we had an elementary school teacher who started the mondaymornings wirh meditations for all kids to enable them relaxation and refpcusing on school. She once invited me in agreement with the person I grew up after school and did teach me a specific meditation seen she realised my interest into healing and meditation and healthy wellbeing. She as well inteoduced us to the benefit of starting the day with hot water whixh had been confirmed to me by the acupuncturist  on board of zuiderdam 2019 that it stremthens the energetic immunesystem.

i gave a free coaching on this in 2020 to several thousand people. (As well therefor "healing behind the scenes because noone knew who I was and who had given that coaching amd healing. But who can heal shall heal said already hippokrates and asklepios from greece. So it did not matter whether they knew it was me or not.).


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 11/09/2022.


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