Saskia Charlotte Junker

Enrico Saglia, Vito Lapetina and their Vatican experiments

Enrico Saglia. 
he lives in the same building my flat is in.
He is responsible for preparing thr xhildren and teenagers at the local roman Catholic church for communion and cresima. As well the church choir is in his influence.

He knows vito lapetina together with hid mother orietta saglia , maiden name tobaldini for many years.

They sell together with the family Danti and Buttura prostituted and eventually as well children to wellpaying clients.
Everyone at malcesine and brenzone receives indignation.
some heard that name in the xontrxt of mafia. But it is secret services and the vatican whixh is doing it as well..just without consent, without telling and of course only the surveillance part of it.

Enrico is as well a studied vet but he never did the exam at Parma. For an not investigated reason they exmatriculated him while he pretrnded to have failed in thr exams due to fear of exams.

He is not a pereon who had fewr. He is a dangerous powerful person seen his connection to the vatican.

He as well knew exactly what that white monstercat of thr vatican I described in one chapter really was.

In 2020 he communicates constantly with Vito lapetina through the frequenxy communication.

At some point they had tonrealize that theybwould not be able to fool me.

The next morning I woke up with strong headache and pain in my chest and lungs and stomach area.

today I came to know that the testicle hunilation they did to me wad done by enrico saglia and vito lapetina and that they sold me thrn to the vatican as an experiment.
Eversince thry constantly tried to steal signatures pretending all those things would have been happening with consent and I would receive even payments for that participation.
as well the monstet they had put into my intedtine from the girl who was at the terrorists to pretens inwouls be her they included into their experime ts and pretending always that Inwould have given consent.

It tuened out they as well and this already from 1998 onwards created CLONES.
They planned it all.
In 1998 I made vacation at malcesine and enrixo and his friends invited me to spend an evening at the beach. I afterwards did keep in touch with gionata andreis, isabella Gagliardi and patrizia saglia.
isabella Gagliardi is thr daughtet od the wedding planner office and travel agency and she was together with Enrico before he left to Parma. She always was sad that he had ended the relationship.
I stopped writing with them when she was writing things about that she thinks a woman should not put make up and dressing up and ahe would be very concernes about a friend of her called chiara who was not joining thr church people anymore.

Anyways..since today I have confirmation that enrixo saglia is involved into dangerous disgusting unethical experimrnts of thr vatican and into the selling of prostitutes and that he was among those who did let enter people and as well that lapetina feom.2016 I wards during the night into my flat after having sedated the aie with narcotics and my food in the fridge was drugged.

they took genetical material for the disgusting testicle growth of vito lapetina and EICKE himself..

Exactly.. That disgusting eicke who was commander ans architect of the extinctioncamps.

This gives thrn however the final xonfirmation that theodor t. eicke did or does hide in malcesine lake garda and confirms as well the shouting by someof thr involved in 2021 "are you insane? ù brought her into the hide out of eixke to make him think he would have married her".
So there are indeed then indications that he still is alive.


I have to say that the REAL monsters are
enrico saglia
and vito lapetina...

When I realized that Vito lapetina or whatever his Real
name is. As well the uncle of Marcello from.oasi bar
seemed to recoginze that criminal from somewhere
when he saw him once on the streets of malcesine and
was shocked to see him walking behind me as if having

Well when I realized and recognized that man to be thr
perdon from thr "nightmare" in 1993 and from thr nightly
abuse from 2016 onwards with people having been let
entered into my flat and being thr perdon who violated
the san valentine night of 2018 where I and my
exboyfriend were drugged and he thrn let entered to
abuse me. I even remember still how he abused me and
what they did exactly wirh his semi feminine face and
greyblackwhite hair that he lets paint black regularly. that moment he communicates to enrico who
was one floor below "non si lascia pił fregare.che cosa
La mattina dopo io mi svegkiavo con mal di tedta forte e
con mal di polmoni e difficolta di respirare e nausea.
Erano 4 gioeni peima che mi prendevo di quel male. Lui
pure fingendo preoccupazione e piena della sua emdr
manipupazionealternando xon aggredimenti di
psichiatria e i suoi contatti con st catherine a che
nessuno chi lo avrebbe denunciato finora lo avrebbe
sopravvissuto e che non mi potrei permettere denuncia
dagli carabinieri perche se farei denuncia causerebbero
una evaluazione psicologico e quella in itakia sarebbe
MOLTO adjustabile.

The animal they had put into my intedtine
in 2020 at
some point became as friendly as possible
seen the
circumstamces having become aware of the
and my good character and tried to not
bother me.
Once it started as well to growl against
vito lapetina and
enrixo saglia whenever they were trying to
others i would be a prostitute and it
seems it tried to
circumnavigate the curses of the
fatturatrici of lake

What else do I know about that Person

His mother is orietta saglia, maiden name
She married Giuseppe Saglia, called Pino
pretending to want to help him out with a
socalled Lavanda Marriage. This was queite
common in the 60s at Malcesine and
surrounding for men who were gsy because
due to the fascist history of thst place
it was for many lifethreatening if they
had no security in such cases.

I got to know that from a former friend of
giuseppe who however in the very same year
that she told me about it died of a new
broken out cancer a few months after
fiuseppe had died of a very rare kisney
tumour or illness for whixh he however
never went into a real cancer hospital but
orietta had let come doctors from alto
adige south tieol who spokegerman and who
were "treating" him.
The last time that I saw Giuseppe was in
december 2016 as I visited him.

He was quite weak and had difficulties to
walk and was resting in his bedroom.
When I approaches him he seemed happy to
see me.. Then he started ro whisper
"everything has to do with theodor junkers
old company..". He wanted to say more but
when he tried to prepare his next sentence
an i stant later orietta came and asked
what wouls be fping on amd he would have
to rest and come for eating... In that
mome giuseppe changed and started to
pretend to be confused and not to reqlly
recognize me anymore..orietta apologized
and said that he wouls be very weak feom
all the medications and illnesses.
Already the previous time qhen I had gone
to visit giuseppe it was very weird..
He was about to have dinner whoch was
cooked by orietta.
But he seemed to be AFRAID to eat it. I
never had seen sth like that from his
side.. He was almost pretending to not be
hungry at all and it was as id he was
trying to refuse to eat what he had been
It was a consternating experience.

It seems as well that the friend of him
who told me about the lavanda marriage and
as well that enrico suddenly was there
though giuseppe was not capable with women
seems to have been under
surveillance.because the next time i had
visited her in 2016 she made a weird comme
t in my oresence about that she wouls not
know anyrhing and would not tell anything
to anyone. While the first time she had
said yet to me " are more
intelligent than all of them together."

The odd thing about this all was that I
had told noone about this and for sure
inhad not written down anything aboutbwhat
she had told me. It was something
confidential intended for me to be known
not for others and I k ew that my
telephones were constantly compromised
eversince 2012 after my dirst telephone
had been stolen by insane little girls who
were so insane to contact then my entire
adressbook with a whatsapp account that
had thr status "nur gott wird mich
raechen" (only god will take revenge for

Already in earlier years gouseppe tried to
tell me a few things.

Once already bedore 2016 dueing one of my
visits he said to me. "I need to tell you
sth very important. Never change your
name. Because otherwise you risk to loose
an important heritage".
And i never did chamge my name. I never
would change my name anyway due to that
for me authenticity is one of the modt
impkrtant values.

I never would pretend to be someone else
or change my identity or change my name.
(But there are evidently people who stole
my identity and then pretended i would be
someone else and then sold me to others).

I am Saskia Charlotte, born the 7th of
march 1985 in the Bethesda Hospital of
Duisburg and noone else. Not married, not
changed my name not changed my identity

I still have the extract of thr birth
registry that i requested in 2004 seen it
was needed for an employment application
amd theredor i know it very well to be
born in bethesda hospital duisburg.

My passport is C1YK3C4M0 issued in germany
and co taining biometrical data and as
well 2 visa stamps by thr USA. A seafarers
visa valid 10 years and a tpurist visa
valid 10 years. but some criminals
pretended it would be related to a
criminal called wissing and recently ti
would be connectrd to a criminal called
sinclaire. I dont even know who tbat
somnof a bitch sinclaire is. Never seen
someone like that.

Another time giuseppe said to me to be
very careful in regards to orietta and
towards Enrico because he would be very
mich like his mothera and not understand
anything about energy and healing and
things that people like him or me would
understand about nature.

This was years before he became ill.

There was somwthing else weird about
From.2008 to 2019 I used to have a
guestbook respectively a travel guestbook
seen it was me traveling and visiting
places and when i did meet people where i
i somwtimes askes them to leave an entry.

Enrico was weird.. He wrote the following
inside "ti invidio per il tuo charttere
solare" (i envy you for your solar


What else about orietta the mother of

In 2016 I lost in italy my drivers
license issued in germany in 2003 in
muelheim an der Ruhr where i took my
drivers license and where I had my
residence from 1985 and even had still a
german residence there when I had moved to
Nijmegen in 2005 where I studied at th
hogeschool van arnhem and nijmegen
speechtherapy and at the radboud
university general language science and

But i am as well in the registry of
nijmegen seen when residing in nijmegen in
the netherlands one evidently is
registered there and for opening a banc
account for the study fees and sogie
number a residence is as well required in
the netherlands. (By the way in 2021 some
people blackmailed me at my very own
banks. The GLS BANK IN HAMBURG where i
opened my account in 2010 and at the ABN
amro bank in thr netherlands where i
opened my study account in 2005).

As well i lost my german ID card in 2016
in my very own flat .this is where got
lost as well the german drivers license.
This is why i only have a german passport
now which was issued in bad harzburg in
2015 including biometeical data and of
course my fingerprints that wrre compared
as well in 2018 with the american
consulate of Milano when I applied for thr
visa for the cruise employment with
Steiner Onboard Spa. And as well new
zealand amd canada checked on my finger
prints in 2019.

The ID card which was issued in Hamburg
Has the number 1358984882 in 2010 which
means it expired the 9th of may 2020.

I applied for a new ID card in 2018 at th
german consulate but it never reached me
because my embarkation data for Zuiderdam
Holland America line for my work contract
with onespaworld in january 2019 was
earlier than that my new ID card would
have been ready.

So is this th reason a person asked me I
should apply for a new ID card recently ?
So someone else could steal it when it is
ready because evidently the girl who
probably stole thr old one would not b
able to provide the needed fingerprint

Well.. i have a valid german passport
still valid until 2025.
So I dont need any new document.
As well due to that my passport contains
my travel visas for thr united states
which are still valid until 2028.

So.. Why do i add to this annotation
oriettas name?
Well..when i in 2016 was looking for my
german drivers license and my german ID
card I was still talking to that bizarre
persons of the building i live in because
i did not know that they were part of that
intrigue and identity theft and
persecution and organized experimentation
and abuse etc...

Well. She said "oh..i did not even know
that you ever had a drivers license.."

This was the most stupid lie she ever did.

In 2008 to 2009 I for 6 months had my
first car that I bought in 2003 in her
very own garage because to enter my own
garage spot it is very difficult due to
the shape of the garage.
I DOUBT that miss orietta tobaldini (seen
it was a lavanda marriage i may assume
that it is not even valid) would have
forgotten that MY car was in HER garage

I was at all in 2008 in the now my flat at
malcesine because i had broken my
ligaments in the steigenberger therme
meran south tirol after some people
drugged my beverage and i had an accident.

I was in the steigenberger thwrme meran
south tirol for a stage in 2008 before my
confirmed at the PALATIN Kongress Hotel in
Wiesloch Heidelberg who had offered me a 3
years contract with management school
training paid fully by them.
Seen i had been already 23 at that time I
wanted to be sure that I really wanted to
do a 3 times dull time training to push
theough in the normal times of challenges
that all studies include and accepted the
offer of a stage at the steigenberger
meran terme where they offered me to get
as well insights i to dine dining (i still
have the training catalogue of them) .

When i broke my ligaments then there i
evidently was not able anymkre to start my
apprenticeship and study in wiesloch
Germany and seen it was the year of the
socalled firsr economic world crisis in
2008 at the point that my leg was cured
they we r not able anynire to keep their
employment ofer because they did not know
how things would proceed.
Mr fries heinz theodor then offered i
should go i to still then his apartment at
malcesine until i would have next plans
and do a 2 weeks language course at
accontatto villa gelmi. She offered me a
stage seen i had studied general language
science and pushed me to follow the
additional language teacher training with
Marie and Bernard Dufeu in Mainz whxoh did
cost quite a lot.
3 weeks after she had offered me the stage
and that i had signed the language
training specialisation with marie and
bernard dufeu AuroraFloridia the owner of
thr language school refused to keep the
stage or to comoensate me for the
translation works I had done for her
suring the weeks i had been there.

However she ibtroduced me to my first
shiatsu teacher Stefano Gibertoni and seen
i had been healing eversince i was a child
and recognized similarities in his work to
what i always had done myself I saw it as
THE possibikity then to get an official
certificate and additional techniques for
something I did anyway already. However
what I did anyway they i troduced not
beforr the 3rd year of shiatsu anf it
rather seemed of that some teachers and
colleauges were jealous on that I did
things they never had taught.
In the last week in Pegasus near Hamburg
people infiktrated seen wherever i was
simce 2012 people i fiktrated i to
accomodations and did let DRUG my
breakfast and lunch before the final
treatment presentation.

Anyeays. My real teachers I do refer to
are Tzvikar Calisar and Cliff Andrews and
Paul Lundberg from and
some of thr professors of thr Arcana
Heilpraktiker school (naturopath) in
Hamburg and from the owner of the shiatsu
school in graz seen I from them learned
new things that I successfully apply in
all treatments and health counseling I
give to clients.
Tzvikar Calisar as well was able to heal
me from the traumatic effects of a too
severe abuse that took place in 2 of the
nights in 2016.
I had approached him before the
participation in his course for a
treatment to have that resolved before I
would give treatments to other people and
he succesfully healed me.
For the rest I have been coming to a point
of being capable to heal myself from each
anf every traumatic situation seen I
followed the intense specialisation course
with clifford andrees and paul lundberg in
2013 (edit. In 2012 i had participating in
thr training of thr children hospice
hamburg training on what it means to work
wirh people who are in grieving processes
and living with illnesses that lead to
death. As well into that training course
already at least 5 different people had
been infiktrated to sabotage and to put me
under drugs during break and to put me
into negative light. So i never started
the voluntary work there but the knowledge
i gained was very essential as well to my
therapeutica work later eith clients or in
thr nursing home of pro seniore)

on treating trauma with shiatsu. They
made sure that we are capable to apply
everything we learned as well upon
ourselves before treating clients with the
techniques which include the adjustment of
our own body and energy field freuqncy and
time scans and whole body scans in time.

I participated as well in a scientific
course with clifford andrews that was in
bein about the scientific background of
shiatsu where we as well learned to adjust
our own body frequency ourselves and where
I got to know quite interedting books
written by scientists and by scientists
from russia about the frequency system of
our body and the scientific explanations
to why and how energywork or frequency
work functions.

In 2014 I inplemented a therapeutical
workplace with this discipline into the
nursing home Pro Seniore in Hamburg
Gazellenkamp with success and where i
worked intradisciplinaire with the other
disciplines fiving treatments to
management representatives, to nurses and
of course to the elderly persons in
combination with offering a therapeutical
group 2 times a week implementing as well
there simple exercises they could do on
their own that would support the elderly
persons to a more relaxed inner state.

And Shiatsu in Israel by the way is an
entirely acknowledged discipline and
implemented in most hospitals.

I would have been able to keep working
with Pro Seniore if Fries Heinz Theodor
Junker would not have manipulatrd with his
masonic gestures and state agent rhetoric
that ibwould leave that workplace.

It turned out it had been the onmy conpany
insane criminal persons had not bren able
to corrupt to find an excuse to fire me.

I had finances a part of thr quite
expensive schools by jobbing in thr
cinemaxx hamburg where however they then
infiktrated a person from berlin to put me
everywhere into a bad light and a weirdly
caused accident in 2013 caused me to be
sick for 3 weeks which gave the cinemaxx
management to ask me to leave the conpany
in "gegenseitiges einvernehmen" which
however was not rewlky from my side but
there were 3 representatives of that
lewdership of that company present
practically forcing me to sign the quit
paper seen i was already too long working
there..exactly 1 year that they would have
been able to fire me and for sure not
while i was sick with a lumbar spine

But at least the 1 year having worked
fully entitled me to automatically 6
months economical support of
arbeitslosengeld and continued insurance
by the german state.

Howrver this gave the state agencies of
germany that were involved into illigal
experimentstion eversince my birth the
possibility to infiltrate into the
employment agency appointment with them
and they then activated the KSK set up
that I met exactly the same day of thr
appointment after taking the bus from the
employment agency where they by the way
insuktrd me and wanted to offer me an
employment in thr night casino of hamburg
and the other infiltrated person at the
employment agency a certsin Mr Schmidt (mr
smith, funny enough like thr state agents
in thr movir matrix) was thrn preparing
the already programmed state experimental
place of bad harzburg supporting the
manipulative wish of fries heinz theodor
to leave my employment where I was in 2014
very acknowledged and respected to go to
the FAKE physiotherapy school kortex med
bad harzburg which has been exposed by now
to be a ethically dangerous place and a
follow up institution of the CARL LOGES
schools founded by a state agent of
The phonecall to that place in bad
harzburg had been circumnavigated while i
was doing research at all federal schools
tbat would not cost money. I had written
down all the schools beforehand. When i
later co trolled my handwritten list that
school in the harz never had been written
down by me.
But as said telephonecalls were surveilled
and circumnavigated eversince 2012.

Of that dangerous school and experime tal
institution exist additional 5 dpreadout
in other places of germany that have a
diety nazi past with previpus extinction
camps some of thrm underground such as in
the harz and where the nazi elite managed
to escape shortly before the end of war.
One of those schools is thr damce studio
M1 in Nuernberg that praises itself to
just have changed their name due to modern
developments but that they still pursue
the old traditional values and that they
are Proud to still have some of their
Founding members among their members now.
How is it possible that a person who
founded that dance studio in the 30s is
still alive ? If he had founded it in the
30s he already back then mist have been in
his 30s himslef. So adding another 90
years would make that person 120 years

There should be done an investigation on
all carl loges institutes whether at all
places are done illigal unethical experime
ts and then those who find out about it
tried to be declared for insane or have to
vanish from one moment to the next.
I was not the only person who decided to
not remain at that place which was anyway
a degradation in comparison to what I
already mastered succesfully.
A guybwho had been in one of the other
classes as well had disappeared there once
from one mome t to the next and pleading
his few contacts to not tell anyone when
he had just come back to het some of his
personal things before disappearing


Ehat else about orietta.
Orietta made Mrs Wissing ans Roswita
believe I would be her daughter while she
KNEW that this was impossible.

She knew me from my age of birth from my
vacations at lake garda with mochael and

- orietta is as well thr woman who constantly tells hilke
that inwould havr just amnesia and that theredor
inwould not remember that he would have marries me.
I dont even know who hilke or hauke is. Never been
introduced to someone with those names.
Unless people pretended to be someone else and their
real names would be hilke or hauke but still i did not
marry them and for sure i do t have amnesia. And for
sure inwould not have marries thr person eho abused
me in 2020 and in previous years or thr person whonwas
a setupnin april 2022.

I woupd not even marry a person to stop those insane
illigal experiments insane people sold me to.
I dismantle thr ecperiments and demand to make thrm
stop once and for all towards everyone who was done
thid thing. In addition Indemand that ALL data they
gathered from me MUST be deleted seen it had bren
gathered without consent and without my knowledge.
As well it must stop immideately that this data is
gathered and spread throughout the world.
They even sold parts of it to podcasts like chapter that
thrn dexontestualised it.

In the kontext od kortex med are to be mentioned as
direct involved persons of course the entire teachers
who were the same teachers who were in the
beforehand still carl loges institution school and thrn
went insolvent probably when someone was about to
expose them.

But in addition following persons who were present
there at the same time: Mona Langanke, Sabine
Immesberger, Anna Bauers, Alina Kurz, Jannik Kropp.

And in the context of thr europeqn brwin crime
braunschwrig hannover are to be mentioned Gero
teufert, michael scholz (works for thr DLR the german
space research institute whixh works closely together
with the BND) and his ukraine fuck mate oops flatmate
and his flatmate Jan. They were set ups infiktrating inro
couchsurfing. And not to forget the dangerous
leadership of thr kortex med who have evne a good
reputwtion but smuggled genetic expetiments
from.czech republic to eastetn germany during the cold
war. Werner siems several times ephasized that he
wouls have close connections to ROME as rome
and czech republic? Ans mr gers losen a free mason
using constantly free mason gestures was an expert on
drugs and various drugs substances that he visibly had
tested on himself for many years.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 11/19/2022.


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