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Fake testimonies...

I am working on the chapter about corrupt flalse and fake testimonies I was made met (according to the phrase in thr poetry "they think they know me due to people they made me met).

So it will take a little while until the next publication.

But to mention a name I did not mention yet in any of thr truthfully publications.

Markus Rebitschek from.CGE Erfurt and EJBW Weimar instead of helping me when Ibreacged out for help in 2014,2020 and 2021 he decided to become a fake testimony due to that CGE erfurt had not done everything entirely xorrectly with the NGO taxes.

As well he seemed to have been corrupted in 2011 to make me hopes about illusions things to keep me distracted and to orevent i would get to know someone before the insane agreement of people at lake garda with equally insane people in germany would be applied. And to make sure i wouls not meet someone before they would present me oficially to the rapist abuser and terrorist of 2020 who knew the people in thr building my flat in Italy is in for many decades.

In thr meanwhile that i work on the chapters about many fake testimonies I keep asking you to read the latests publication "Quotes" after ehixh a lot of people were co tacted to oublish as much as lossible to make the publication not appear anymkre on thr first page of puications...

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 12/03/2022.


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