Saskia Charlotte Junker

San Luis Obispo , California 2019 ans 2022


I am sitting in the bus trying ro understand what just had been going entire nervous system is in high alert and highest alarm mode I ever have experienced in my life.

What was this? I had planned to meet a shiatsu colleauge who as well works for AOBTA in Nevada City. A man called  Matthew Sweigart with whom I had been exchanging therapeutical shiatsu knowledge in the earlier Shiatsu study years while I had been building up the fb page and the fb group shiatsu traveller trwatment swap exchange from my peofile traveming shiatsuka.

So seen I was in California in 2019 I thought to tka emy chance to meet that teacher and colleague in person.

But from the beginning there were issues.

I sinply had a few days before my departure a terrible gut feeling but everything was alrewdy scheduled for 2 weeks. So i ignkred the gur feeling and ir was a good possibikity to get away from santa barbara and i wanted to foxus on shiatsu again seen I had been given some succesful heaking coaching and treatments.
so i took the train to nevada city and it all seemed okay.
My colleauge took the long way to the train station from.nevada city for thr invite and gave a friendly warm inxome introducing me as well to his son.
but his son started to act weird at some point startinf to make comme ts that referred omce agin to mechrhild janina and wissing and I knew once again there were people been drawn lies into some weird inteigues.

I tried ro ignore it and thoughr ..well maybe they are intelligent enough to understand whats going on.

but then something unusual for at least until 2019 happened. Inwas nor able to sleep. Back then this was sth that lractically never happened seen I am a person who can sleep everywhere having a good nightsleep.
but it was entire body was in alarm and pleeding me in all ways to notnstay and tonleave and tongo wherever but motnstaying there.

I was shocked. Sth like that did never happen before.

The next morning Matthew was so kind to show me the newrby forest whixhbwas indeed neautyful and some beautyful remains of native americans to whom had been fiven last honours and apologizes fornwhat had been done to them..

I went in contact with nature and wirh the trees and felt better but then again something happened I never had experienced in nature tree plant xommunication.. While Inwas in resonance they warned me.. "You are in danger here. You need to escape. You are in danger.They gonna murder you in nevada or worse"

I did not understand who had warned me but it was confirming my entire perception and I had learned one thing..never ignore an intuition or it will teach you a harsh lesson...

another weird thing happened.during thatbwalk suddenlybthere were appeoaching three man that looked very official and while they were seeing me theybwere nodding into my direction and then towarss each other as having been confimed about me being arrived...

I did not see any reason to test what would happen if I ignkred my intuition amd thr natives messagge to me..
I trusted my instincts and asked kindly Mr Sweigart to bring me back to the station and that I wouls need to apolpgize but that he would for sure understand that we need to follow our energetic intuition.. And from thr energywork aobta background he dis understand and felt sorrybthat I did not feel well in nevada city but brought me to the station...
But what now?

I had no idea where to go..i just took the next bus south bound without any xlue..

Now sitting in the bus still trying to understand what happened..but the alarmfeeling does not slowed down but it did not stop...
I am trying to write to someone but he entirely ignores all messagges. Son of a bitvh. At that point i dont k ow yet that he is lart of the intrigue and set up of foemer state agents.anyway..

At some.point I looknoutnof the window..we are in san luis obispo county and the landscape looks friendly.

I see an airbnb called peach tree inn. This is funny. My teavel nixkname of 2019 was Peachez due to a situation where a half deaf person did notnunderstand thr word SPEECHLESS when Inwas complimenting the stunning view over the ocean and some avocado filled hills.

I devided tongive this place a tey and it tuenes out to be San Luis Obispo.

What next? For one night a hotel. Then the next morning with hopefully more relaxed state taking decisions. No decisions in a state like that i never had had before.neither afterwards.

The next moening I decide to subscribe to bewelcome a platform.similar to couchsurfing hoping they would not blackmail me already as well there seen they did this since 2011 with couchsurfing which Inwas forced to stop using as a travel opportunity.usually a safe and nice way to travel and to get to know local trustworthy people from.other vountries.butbin my case dangerous seen the blackmailing corruption and infiktration into everything like that eversince 2011. (An entire chapter on couchsurfinf inclusive stuttgart the ladt time i used it is yet to be published).
but who knows..maybe I would be more lucky with bewelcome and better safe than sorry inprewarned on mybpeofile about intrigues going on and to please make up ones own mind.
I reveive an invite to a place in san luisnobispo offering me inwould be able to pitvh a tent in thr garden for a couple of days.
that was perfect.
I finally found relieve to breath again and seen it was summer I did not even putbthe entire tent but in a way I was able to look intonthe crown of the tree and into the sky andnliterally the butterflies around me that werr in abundance in that little garden.

Two evenings later the hosts had a party and I knew Inwas nowhere safe anymore.
they started to talk toneach other about me withoutbthat Ibto them had even talked.i did notnknownthem.i just heard their chatter while being and resting in the that point with cover seen it was night.

"She will be forever their prisoner.theyboractically treat her like their prisoner.yes she is fucked."
Whonwere they? What did they know?
The next day i tries to find out and started to make friends wirh joan and her german boyfriend a pilot teacher at san luis obispo flight training center.
this was good development and they showed me a few nice spots in san luisbobispo county and joan offered me hospitality at her own place for a weeknor so at some later point.

Until she got contacted to present me to a friedn of hers whonstarted ro make weird comments..such in the same way as pretending im that moment to be me..
this was sad since joan and her boyfriend,now husband, seemed ro be warmhearted friendly people and they helped me a lot throughout the time of being in san luisnobispo county 2019.


I arrive at san luis obispo because my train xonnection demands a 4 days break and san luisnobispo i remmebered with good memories..
how wrong should I be with that...

The amtrak employee recommeds me the san luis obispo hostel only a few metres away from the train stationed owned by Jared Pardridge and seen itnis evening and Inhave a lot of luggage I dont wait for too long..
i arrive at the acvomodation and enter but almost noone is there. Just an elderly man who lloks rather like a resident and reminds of a resident from a nursing home than like a guest and it does not take long that he explains me that the accomodation is still in the cocid shut down and had turmed into a longterm acvomodation.but it would open soon so if Inwas luxkybto speak to the person responsible these days for thr tenants nickolas coffee inshould asknhim in person.
the elderly man shoutd for a woman called jackie. She has red tinted hair and looks a bit weird and makes a bitnweird noises when she moves .a little bit like apes do.but she seems to be friendly in the first moment.

However. Nixkolas coffee is not present and i have a short look for alternative accomodations not too far away.

I just want to leave and nixkolas enters and insay hello explaining him that i need a place to daty for 4 nights and say inwouls not even mind to sleep on the couch in thr living room to safe from any hassle.

And whether he would be subscribed to workaway that inwoups be able to clean in exchange for the stay of thr 4 days.

He immideatelybunderstands the situation.charges me half the price and permits me to stay on the couch of the living room and the next day to let me know what can be organized.

We agree on a work exchange and it seemd to be perfect. He said theybwere about to reopen soon as a youth hostel backpackers hi hostel acvomodation and would be glad for some help in groundcleaning of the house and the rooms.

Everyone seemd to be friendlybin the house butnthe second night I had a nightmare.once again a nightmare where people did a needle injevtion into my arm.

But who knows.was this just a digestive dream? I hoped so.
2 days later I moves to one of the dormitories where there was place in the bunk bed.
nixkolas was super happy with my help and approaches me the 3rd day whether incouls imagine to work for him.during the summerseason seen the place wouls turnninto a tourist palce again soon and he was aboutbto built his team. He even made me hopes that i might be able to earn some money whixhbwas essential seen i had no cent left and my friend from.italy had had an acvident and was not able to make me money transfers..
so despite the fact that i had thr railpass inwas not able to use it seen inwouls have had at least 3 palces where inwould have needed ro take a hotel.
Palm.springs had been an exception for being able to sleep one night on the train platform seen the train was scheduled for 2 or 3 in the morning and palm.springs train station is in the midle of the desert and nowhere and not dangerous at all.itnwas rather relaxing wirh the nightsky above me and the palms in the backgeound and the view towards the desert. But a scenario like this was impossible for any other train station and already there it had been riskful seen at some point amtrak had send two people to check on me. I had places myself on purpose under thr security cameras feeling me safe in cade od intruders from.outside whonas well in foem.of two old ladies at some point approached.

so lonf story short inwas studk in san kuis obispo without possibility to use the railpass whixhbwas a pity seen the 500 dollar that it did cost me.

The opportunity and offer tonwork and the hopes being made that i eventually could find my way to a workpermit gave thr decision point.
But it was a decision Inregret and will regret for the rest of my life.
A few days later I had another nightmare of someone entering my sleeping room and I woke up with an injection dot at my neck.

Another day a few weeks later passed me and mumbled sth weird "one more shot and you will be a snake".
it was horrific.what the fuxk did she mean with that?
A few weeks later I came to know that the free food they offered on the free shelf in the hostel came from.salvation army san luis obispo.
whenever i ate from those things afterwards i felt drugged or numbed out or was weird.

However indid kt relate thatbyet to the salvation army.

But I did start to relate it to them when a few months later someone suggested me to subscribe there and irnwouls be possible to do thatanonymously and many wouls donthat even when they are notnin a situation without money.
I had a bad gut feeling but I had little alternative at that point..
It was the most stupid thing ever..

I was well capable to subscribe with a nickname but it wouls not help. I did choose the nixkname Julie Millers but never gave them a signature.i refused tonsign any paper.
they insisted i wouls have to use always the same name.

A few nights later i again had a nightmare with people violating my sleeping place and omce again I woke up with a needle injections..
Soon I did foundnout that it had not been a coincidence. The weird reactions and effects after having eaten of their food.

i at some.point rwalized as well that some of the food was markes with X s or with other symbols.

I stopped going there and after 5 days of detox I felt finally normal.again.beforehand entirely numbed out and as drugged. time Inhad tonrealize they had mixed an ABORTIVE into my food causing an abortion wirhout consent.

As well in San Luis Obispo I got to know that psychopat who seems now to have oretended that Ibwouls have commites suicide issuing new passports and pretending to have marries me.all without consent or asking me.
he had approavhes me and doing effort to date me for 4 weeks that were rather bad experiences than good ones and it turned outnhe had been indeed a set up that was activated the day i had managed to get a second hand mac book whixh allowed me to continue my writing work by accessing as well some of the backups from.2019 whixh i had in the pages format.

More than that it turned out he had been corrupted to get me into bed to fake an interedt inro a relationship and to let produce refistering scenes without consent that were send to the perverts in italy and germany who had let abused me eversince 2007 wi t set ups amd in my verybown flat at lake garda and in 2022 ro deliver them the final.scenes foe theirnilligal disgusting erotic movie for whoxh they needed scenes in whixh it looked like as if i would have had enjoyed each and everyhting and that all intercourse would have been wirh consent.apart of one or two perdons the perverts had blacked out the faces of all the abusers eversince 2007 and made it lookike as if inwould be a pornstar. This then they did circulate theoughout the entire world with their networks.
But it came worse. They injected me a communication device system butbwirhout the second part which would be the communicating part and whenever i talk to men they are made believe inwould have offered them prostitution or participation in a porn theough thr nonverbal communication.

A few weeks after i had finalkybleft san luisnobispo country I came to know that they had given directives to a doctor to let declare me for insane. A certain dr jack with whom i never had spolen any word but about whoch Jared Pardridge had told once that he wouls be working as a doctor in the san luis obispo Prison.

i myself spoke the ladt time to the set up guy who got corrupted in june when he had asked jared whether he would be able to talk to me but not telling me anything about his participation in this terrible crime towards me not even apologizing for other things and behaviour he had shoen towards me. The last time I had seen the person was on 9th of may when he had droppes me at the airport of Denver coloradonwhere I had taken the flight UA238 United airlines 7.27 seat 12D e ticket 01624106580051 confirmation number DRXKNQ gate 77 where i waited for my fkight from.3pm to the moment of departure working on documentation of all the persecution and crimes done towards me eversince 2007. 
while inwas waiting for the flight the usual insanity happened that I had noticed already in previous years at airports. Shortly before boarding time I noticed an offixial looking man who approached the stewardess pointing towards me and me tioning my name that people in europe would have declared me for insane and to keep an eye out regards addition there was a weirs stewardess on the plane who when she passed me made a weird hand gesture and mumbming towards someine "i made an incision on her". She had nasty eyes , black hair with mixes frey mixed silver and mixes white hair.

it reminded of a scene of a horrormovie.

a few months later in san diego i found out that it was not an exception woth the food banks ..

i did some research in Santee and figured out that another doodbank was owned by the weird church called "celebrating the saints" and rhere i became witness of that they put people into specific categories and that they demand people to sign a paper to receive food.

i evidently did nor subscribe and did leave wirhour name.

I had been in dantee sleeping on the back porch of audrey forrest.
audrey forest was a workaway host from.2019 od whom I had hoped as a last person to not have been part of the set ups that had been infiltrated into workaway seen she had been a firm lady who had had her oen business and among it as well rockefeller as her clients. She had given me some tourist tour in 2019 around the san diego county inclusive to a casino because she said instead od having a look at the famous tourist casinos in las vegas omce in a mifetime one should have seen and visited a real casino where she had a membership gold card and therefor we were able toneat there for free feom a buffet.
but for the rest she was in 2019 a nice lady with ehom i played chess took care of her nice cat and who shoeed me a few national parks and native museums.

So i had hope she would be able to help me out amd for a few days she did. But she did not let enter me into her house for no reason.instead she offered me that i could sleep for a few days on the veranda of her garden on the ground eith my sleeping bag.
she neither did let enter me for peeing and said i could do thatbinto a bucket but she would not be allowed to let me enter and towards me she offered me to wash in a sink in her garage as well tonwash mybhair there and to wash my clothes withbher washing machine. One time she drove me to a cafe that i was able tonuse the toilet.

It was just for a few nights and at least there were no persecutors who infiltrated into hotels.but it was an absurd situation.
especially when she whispered towards an employee twho helped her to paint something that shebwould have to defend her territory. It was all very bizarre.

but i didbnot have many alternstives seen Instill was without more money than just a 100 dollars for food left and my friend from lake garda still had not had possibility to send me money.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 12/03/2022.


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