Joseph Trance

Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree stood straight and tall
With lights aglow, such beauty. 
It brought new thoughts of Jesus Christ:
His Sacrifice and duty.

On the treetop was a star so bright

Like the one the Maji followed


Two branches  were spread wide
One side on  left , the other on right,,

The Light of The World just hung there

For all the world to see, 

The Father's own ornament

Of Christmas Love, 

His precious gift to you and me.

The Tree was held In place
With screws through a 5 inch base
Just as our Lord’s feet were held
By a nail tightly held in place.

Upon the tree were decorations,
Balls of blue and white
​​​​​​ and ornaments of many kinds:
Like Santa,  and Rudolph...
His nose so bright.

Jesus led us to Salvation,
As Rudolf led the sled
After he was laughed at
and ridiculed, 
As was Jesus as he bled.

Tinsel hung on every branch,
Reflecting the Christmas Tree
As Jeus hung upon the cross
For the Salvation of you and me.

Under the tree were presents
Like the gifts the Maji gave
In celebration of the Christ
Who defeated Death and the Grave.

Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree
Never again will I see
You only as a pretty sight,
Now you'll mean much more
to me.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 12/05/2022.


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