Saskia Charlotte Junker

Lake garda pretends workevaluation would be insanity certific

I just got the news that lake garda declared me for insane because they decontestualize my WORK EVALUATION and reference letter that I received from the elderly home pro seniore for my work as a therapist and pretended that I would have been there as a psychotic person who had received treatments for shizophrenica and 500 treatments for all the ailments.

Because they don't know what a work evaluation and reference letter is.

I gave more than 500 therapeutical treatments as a therapist In the nursing home pro seniore Hamburg where I Introduced successfully a shiatsu workplace in 2014 and receiving as well last year once again a reference letter.

Lake garda does not know what implent a work place means and does not know any German or reference letter and is incapable to CALL a former employer to ask but instead they made people believe that i terface means I terfaccia e che io fossi shizopjrene con varie personitw (for this they decontestualize d that I have a first name and a middle name and nicknames and an artist name)

and that the more than 500 treatments that I gave to elderly persons,nurses and management would have been all treatments that I would have received.

This is NOT funny because they destroyed my life with their lake garda insane doctors !

And apart from that VERYONE knew that I am a therapist and puished from 2010 onwards on and they were surveilling and persecuting me since 2012.

Coincidentally the year I wase tioned for the first time in a testament to be inherited the flat in via Saltarino 6,apartment number 9.

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Published on on 12/21/2022.


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