Saskia Charlotte Junker

Newest crimes of the psychopaths

  • As soon as I pay with the debit card I own, a debit card made by my friend from Lake Garda for me and given to me in 2021 and who sustains me with weekly bank transfers,
AMERICAN PSYCHOPATHS call the hotel or shop to ask where I would be and what I would have paid for it. Then they pretend they would have marri e me or that they would have a PROKURA and right to know where I am and that people would have to drug my food or sometimes that they would have to let people enter into my room to install surveillance.

As well a few psychopath from Europe did this.

Sometimes even someone pretends I would have stolen this card.

This is insane.

I did not steal that card but it has been given to me by my friend A.G. and he is NOT asking and controlling what I would spend the money for because he knows it seen we are in daily communication.

I don't own ANY other debit or credit card that has money on it.
  • People erased my German passport from existence and pretend to others I would be a 20enne person. I remind everyone that I on the 7th of March will be 38 years old
  • Whenever I try to book a flight or a bus with my debit card a psychopath let's cancel my booking
  • Whenever I arrive in a new place and pay with my card within 2 hours they inform.people in the entire place I would be insane and try would have to report me.
  • If I enter a cafe withing 30 minutes someone would enter and deliver drugs to the place telling them they would have to put it into my drink or food. I never eat out anymore due to that. They even try then with a free glass of water. The last time I simply used it to make very nice photos from ice in water after I checked on the sincerity in the expression of the person who brought me the water. Especially seen he vanished with a glass somewhere where she could not been seen while there was enough free water immediately at the bar visibly where she could have taken it from. 
  • The Leonard is telling now everywhere I would be a bitch and he is convinced he would have helped me when he pretended without asking towards others I woule have committ d suicide. I repeat that this son of a bitch I saw the last time 9th may this year and that I spoke the last time in June to him when he dated to call me without ever apologizing of confessing that he was only supposed to produce final scenes for the illigal disgusting porn they made over years with set ups they did send and as well from abuse and insisting they would have done it to surprise me. That son of a bitch pretends that I would have said him to make me surprises. No. I did never say sth like that. I said to him in the first day to not tell me immediately where we would go for excursion to PREVENT the people who applied 360degree surveillance (as well illegally and unjustified similar to the illigal insigna part one that son of a bitch as well considers as a surprise) to know immediately where I would be next and I EXPLAINED that son of a bit h this motivation within the next 3 days. Even very detailed. Apart from this whatever he did was NOT a surprise but making a criminal out of me at least in the eyes of the European governments because they believe it would all have happened with my consent. As well that son of a bitch and psychopath tried to sell my property to people who sell prostitutes and who cooperate with TERRORISTS from the IS. As well that person pretended I would have given order to MURDER people in Europe and he pretends that I would have trusted him my life and would love and trust him because he had access to a security backup of data which I however have oine and offline and everything for years published in various forms inclusive here. That psychopath is COMVINCED I would owe him GRATITUDE for what he did. Whoever is in touch with that psychopath cluld they please do all these surprises to HIM!?!?!  (But no murdering of people, not even him, he must go into prison and on a deparemt where they can figure out what is wrong with his brain that he did things like that). 
  • The german embassy denies me any information, they refuse to tell me anything about my passport or about the person's in Europe that were killed or about my rights to get in touch with real relatives,they oy try as well then to localize me and in two cases shortly afterwards I had once again drugged food and poisenesd bed sheets
  • In malcesine turned out to be some mass graves that have never been investigated and the weird electricity hub operates underground cages where illigal experiments are done to Inividuals who are inside.

- as well some psychopaths say that the
Genetical deformation and CRISPR Crime to let
grow a TESTICLE from material from
psychopaths in my intestine would be a
SURPRISE (!?!?!?). a surprise to a woman who
only and always has been interested in men!?!

- as well that they made me an experiment and
sold me to governments and passed me for
someone else they say would be a surprise
because I always would have been interested
into science!?!?!

Well I have been studying on scientific fields
and as well the scientific background of the
therapeutical discipline I studied. So yes. I have
been interested into science throughout my
entire life but well this does NOT give ANY
legitimation to make me an experiment without
consent selling me to GOVERNMENTS AND
country and state to the next and all without
consent,some people take about that Billion
sums are involved ,sth about 50.000.000 Euro
wasentioned and a lot of PETROL in addition to
prevent that I would leave the USA.

- some psychopaths tell that I would be
shizophrenica based on the fact that I have
nicknames, an artist name when I perform on
stage and some people would call me Saskia
and others Charlotte and others by my
nicknames. your information. I used Charlotte, my
middle name alreqdy in elementary school.
Then I switched to my first name in highschool
to make it more difficult for mech and Jani to
find out which school I would go to because I
had a lrevisione and I tuition and did tell them I
would go to a different highschool. I kept using
the first name Saskia in university.

When in 2008 I started to concentrate and focus
on my own life I switched back to my
middlename which I ways had preferred and
where I had stood up on my first day of
elementary school that I would prefer to use my
middle name in summer 1991at the age of 6
and a few months. And did keep it.

For whom is familiar with the huge art festival
burning man will know that on festivals it is very
comment to use NICKNAMES and as well of
course my friends that I had before all
friendships had become destroyed used
nixknames and abbreviations for me. My friens
from Lake Garda for example uses to call me
Charlie. An abbreviation of the middle name
Charlet that is VERY commonly used in
Germany or other places to refer to a person
called Charlotte. The first who called me like
that was Markus and as well A.G. liked this as a
There are persons who call me Cha and I used
chaju as my first initial and abbreviation when it
comes to my publcations of lyrics and as well as
the initials when working in the nursing home
for Cha rlotte Ju nker.
I even had once a fb page with puications of
philosophics and critical questions on society
and critical things to reflect about that was

My professional shiatsuprofile had the name
shiatsuka travelling seen I always have been a
traveler and it sounded appropriate . I as well
have a shiatsu page called which I
established 2010 to make PR and information
about the shiatsu disciplines

Due to the fact that Facebook profiles became
ALL compromised as soon as the criminals
found out I had a new one and email adresses
did become compromised eversince 2009
wihinn 24 hours after having created them there
exist at least 5 Facebook profiles of mine
(charlets lake, Cha ju, saskia Charlotte junker,
Charlotte junker, shiatsuka traveling, and
various more and OF COURSE due to the
persecution and stalking I tried to not use my
real name whether Facebook likes that or not
but nicknames and abbreviations, I have to none
of those access anymore,although they contain
partly beautiful Fotos and a lot of ADDITIONAL
documentation about the stalking and incidents
inclusive the attempts of murder that occured
eversince 2012, parts of the documentation as
well there customized to PUBLIC ly readable
and as well on my Facebook wall and in my

So to the officials who read this, it is worth to go
through the entire profiles of the mentioned
ones and you gain detailed soxentations on
what has been going on seen I reported about
stalking and attempts of murder and trying to
stop it on my own by simply letting stalkers
know that I am very aware of what's going on
eversince publicly since 2012 and as we
demanding with vehemenz since 2019 that it
must STOP.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 12/22/2022.


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