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Italians and their relation to post and letters

Italians, at least the ones I got to know seem to have a weird relation to post and letters.
I don't know.maybe they hate reading or maybe they think it is loose paper that can get lost or can lay around in the corner for years and that it does not become important or urgent unless one would open it . So it remains closed and sometimes not sent at all to people or sometimes not delivered .

However ...
I have Goooood news...

Alberto who has been keeping my letters of the last 18 mo this after he asked them from my place of residence via Saltarino 6, interno 9 and 1 and then carried it around for 3 months but without any time to make Fotos of it and send them to me or to ask me whether any letter sounds urgent to me , then he got stuck in the mountains in Piedmont but NOW ..Finally he is back from the mountains.

Of course now during the Christmas days their bed breakfast needs his helping hands after he was away from almost 2 months BUT he has PROMISED me that I will have ALL my post and letters and photos on it on 31rst december of this year.

I am looking forward to it and will let you know about all letters I received and publish here the list.

I am curious about what arrived in 18 months.
At least from the outside it must have looked everything like just advertisement and unimportant things .

However I will let you know by the end of the week.

I would have loved to share today all post..

Please look for the update on this at the update of 31rst
December 2022... On my authors profile which I turned into
a blog about the most recent updates that I did not
transform yet into a book chapter
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Published on on 12/27/2022.


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