Sarah Müller


Sweet, sweet juvenile
Drinking wine with your friends in the town square
It was a new style, tectile
Looking for yourself out there in the night.
Testing your limits, testing your soul
We’re on our own but pretend this lasts forever
No sense of what comes next
We took what we could get
Never persisiting, we hadn’t been clever.
Something took a turn
When friendships tilted and school ended,
we tried to escape and wounds were mended.
Living a great life now
But missing all the lives I grew out of
I see the sun set in the rearview
Scour every single stone for some fragment of love.
See right through me
See my inner child
The eyes of a grown woman reflecting mine
Yet sometimes I wish we would’ve stayed that young and wild.
Sharp the diamonds, make them shine
Polish the edges, let them breed,
we take what we can get
we are made of greed.
I’m sorry, mama
Growing up ain’t always easy
Pressure took its tall on me
Pressure made me snap
I didn’t see it then but it’s true
That some of the shit never had anything to do with you.
From gullible smiles to hating my reflection
You helped me turn it back around
When we started to get a taste of who we were
My inner child was found.
I wouldn’t have reached the end of that road
If you hadn’t planted your promising seed
In me
That helped me rise like a rose.
And I chose
To believe
We are made of more than greed.
Sheltered childhood
Little girl drinking cocoa on the couch
Silly running, first taste of the world
Sooner or later
A well-cared-for girl has to take care of herself
Dreams and hopes and fears and demons all twirled.
Great sparkles in my eyes
When I was just a kid
Sometimes I wish it could’ve stayed like that
Been through some growth and I like it that way
sometimes I wish it could’ve stayed easy.
When family gatherings had not been political
Black-and-white mindsets now set my mind on fire
Now different voices shatter my beliefs
So loud, so cynical
Sometimes I wish I would’ve never learned
What it meant 
Now there are different faces I admire.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sarah Müller.
Published on on 12/28/2022.


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