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My application for political asylum on Russia 17th of August2

This letter of application for political asylum i wrote to the Russian Embssy on the 17th of August 2022.

If you read through the entire Report, i already BACK THEN did file report against "Leo" and seen he had done INSIGNAS to which he had access for a long time already, he KNEW that. So HOW dares he to pretend he would be my husband or that I would be "happy" about his "surprises".

Anyway.. this is not the only thing you gonna read in this letter, that for real was send by me to the Russian embassy from a fedex Scan-Mail service which enabled to circumanavigate my comprmised accounts. Unfortunately it did not circumnavigate the blocked and isolated ways of getting in touch with me. 

So.. here is my first part about my contact with Russia, about which as well the KREML and Mr Vladimir Putin came to know, seen evidently all government employees have insignas. But this I at that point did not know yet and had thought my messagges and letter would have been referred to the representatives of Russia.

You might have your own thoughts about Russia eversince the war but think about it pragmatically.

all the people who stalk and persecute me would never put a foot into Russia, seen Most of them are Fascists and their direct contact and others seem to have to do with psychodelic substances and drugs (did I mention that "Leo" once seriously said that he would LOVE to have a magic psychodelic mushroom because it would help him to understand me better? Well.. I am not known for speaking bad english or incapable to express myself. But he needs DRUGS to understand a person? is he an animal ?) 

People who love drugs, seen as well the case with the basketballplayer would not be an issue in Russia. Apart from that I had made a lot of good contacts with people from Russia during a bilateral (2 countries involved) training course for International and intercurltural exchange in 2015 and as well I did lear a lot from the Russian Scientist Korotkov, whom I NEVER met in person, but whose book and research results were part of my self study lectures for the scientific base of energywork and acupuncture. 

And Russia has a stunning landscape and I had almost already an invite in 2021 by a Woman who organizes international congresses and conferences who was looking for an englishtrainer for her children and who would have loved to host me in a work exchange. 
But we did not know how to manage with the visa dn the invite and then war broke out and seen I do not even have a health insurance a normal visa appication for Russia is impossible, seen they require the proof of a health insurance.

Well.. the application for a visa to a different country turns anyway out much more complicated than you would think.

Wouldn't you believe that it is enough to go to the embassy of the counry nomatter where in the world and then apply for a visa to it?
You wuold think so, but the case is much more complicated. Global regulations in a socalled globalized world where everything should be more easy are the contrary. We have more difficult travel circumstances than there have EVER been in the history of menkind  (except of during world wars, where there was marshall law and you were not allowed to exit your own country anymore.)
BEcause, the global regulations foresee that you only can ask for a visa or asylum to a different country fromout your country of citizenship or from your country of residence.
Well.. I cannot go back to europe, seen the governments of europe did destroy my life eversince birth. So.. what sense does it make to demand of a person who tries to apply for POLITICAL asylum to go back to the place where the reasons for asking political asylum did take place???

I can just repeat once again as someone else oput it in adequate words "Earthlers are stupid".

But now after this introduction I will share with you the letter that I did send to the Russian Embassy and indirectly then to the Kreml and Mr Putin in August.

(in parenthesis additional info that i did NOT write at that point into the letter)

"Washington DC, 17th of August 2022

Respectible Ladies and Gentlemen,

I kindly would like to apply for asylum and Russian Citizenship with full awareness of giving up my European citizenship that i had so far.
Today I was able to speak to the Offiver on Duty who was so kind to take personal data (and passport copies) from me and to explain me to write you a written request to your emailadres (explaining that due to the war situation the official servers were shut down and that eventually therefor previoous contactapproaches would have failed.)

Unfortunately already my attempt to write an email became difficult and the people who are involved into the crimes that have been done to me tried to interfere. (me explaining why I send from the noreply fedex store scan to mail).

Seen this level of threats I have to believe that the crimes that took place in Europe were transferred and forwarded as well to the United States of America. 

I ask for immideate help in this matter.
The crimes that were done to me in Europe, with growing indications to believe that they werre started after my Birth in the Bethesda hospital Duisburg involving people I grew up with (wand, janina, uschi herrchenbach, fried heinz theodor and their acquaintances), involve the folowing aspects on with growing crimes and level of crime throughout the years (and growing amount of people who werre drawn into it by various persons).
- unethical experimentation without consent
- being passed for different persons than i am, alternating between those different persons for experimentation and for coverin their crimes
- being decared for insane without any justification and without any interrogation (and without even referring this to me so I could have filed reports at court but to the entire world instead telling people to NOT tell me because they would not want to hurt me but to instead treat me like disabled or like a child and make sure that without my knowledge my food and beverage would be manipulated)
- being put on drugs and pharmaka, inclusive manipulation of warmwaterboilers (bathroom of my very own flat in malcesine), corruption/directives to restaurants
- violation of accomodations and my very own flat

- organized abuse by those who were involved into the experiments who made 3rd parties believe I would be a prostitute and selling me to them after having put me under drugs (and that shiatsu would be the secret keyword of offering myself to them and that everything must look very natural so never mentioning it)
- indications for that one of the persons they passed me for (a person with the surename wissing) was related directly to the hitler and fascist circles
- among the persons that i IDENTIFIED and who KNOWS that I identified them are representatives of the Vatican, the Ukraine, Czech Republic, and European Secret services. This due to that the flat that was inherited to me is in a building in Italy where those people reside in. 
- Due to that reason and many more I know who the Vatican representatives and the Urkaine REALLY are and came to know knowledge where just due to having this knowledge I am in additional danger
- due to other knowledge I came to know throughout the last 12 years due to personal unique skills and due to that I never had to sign  confidential acts there is once again an additional level of danger I am these days.

- after I had managed to escape from Europe after having tried all European countries as a place of eventual refuge (or exile) but seeing that the experimentations were forwarded to each and every country pretending through stolen or falsified signatures I would agree to them, I had come to the USA in March with a 6months valid tourist visa hoping I might find help. I had taken into consideration Russia already back then as I already for many years anyway had been interested into Russian Culture and impressed by the advanced education and level of science research, with Russia being among the only countries that has scientific litereature on the healing disciplines I mater regardind frequency healing through touch and ersonal adjustment of the KI- field and empthy.  And as well I had had the chance to participate in a bilateral intercultural training course where I had met people form Russia where I was capbale to make friends with one of them but we lost touch throughout the years due to the since 2007 compromised/blocked/stolen emailaccounts/facebookaccounts and similar.
But in March of this year it had already become almost impossible to get to Russia on the landway with car and due to the Criminals in Europe I do not even have a health insurance these days. It would have become very difficult if not impossible to be let into or being helped directly at the border of Russia, as well due to the criminals that try to interfere with each and every person I seek help with trying to make them believe I would be a prostitute, a pornography actor, a drug dealer, an insane person or a terrorist and I don't know how much more diffamations have been done to prevent that people would help me. Aand as well I would have had to cross a few countries that are in firm hand of the Vatican and the nsa/cia/BND which would have been too dangerous for me to cross at that point.
Throughout the last months in the US I had to figure out that the experiments had been forwarded since they wet so far in Europe to sell me to the NATO and the VATICAN (and some weird sub churches). All without consent. Regularly letting drug my food, reglularly trying to steal signatures to decontestualize them.
- I face constant discrimination and assaults by people who treat me in the first moment like a prostitute, there is reason to believe that of some of the abuse and setups were made registrations and made it look like as if it indeed would have been a film. It happens more often than not that through something they stole from me whenever i talk to someone they try to make the person believe that I would like to ask them to become part of a pornographic movie.
- to further crimes seem to count that they in Europe (and the USA) without even asking me
MARRIED me to a person I do not even know or eventually to different ones who insist they would be my husband. I have never seen them however but there have been people who followed BLINDLY directives that those persons five. Involved into those crimes are once again NSA, Vatican, BND, CIA-subgroups from Europe, Ukraine and some NATO countries. Among those people who insist that they would be my husband were names mentioned called "Hauke, Hilke, Lapetina, Leo" and a few other people whose namse are so abusrd that I dont even dare to mention them (Lukrele for example).

- everyone I grew up with seems to be involved by now in the experimentation (I figured out that they were stateagents of germany) and as well the persons and family who pretends that they would be my parents (Wissing, Roswita- they insisted I would be theri daughter, I dont know a Roswita and neither a Wissing, except the woman marion wissing who is now as marion junker martried to Frank Michael Wolfgang Junker) and who pretend that I just would have been adopted. I can guarantee you that I am NOT a state agent of any country, however I am not sure whether they tried to make me an agent without consent, so you have full permit to chekc on that and to help me remove/deactivate any form of by those groups used "devices", eventually those are the ones with which they contact constantly persons to make them believe lies about me, alternating between different things.
- however, those who pretend to be my family are those who are connected to WISSING, and UKRAINE and FASCISTS, they insist I would be a certain SAMANTA who would be a 20enne and not 37.5 (that I have). I don't even know who that lady is. Other names mentioned of whom they passed me for were connected to "Silvia"/"Dorigoni/Zeni, "Janina", Saglia" (Tobaldini) and some other names I was not able to understand. However they all seem to be connected to the Vatican, to Hitler(s inner circles) and European state agencies for as much as I understood from what happened due to (caused by) it.

Seen I was not even able to write an email without sabotage, I now took the very traditional approach of a written letter and hope you can give your officer on duty the chance to give me verbally a consultation data since all other approaches to contact me would fail and would never reach me.

Last but not least I would like to ask you whether it is normal that the FBI approaches persons who ask you questions at the embassy? Because I was stopped by 2 FBI agents not even 100 meters away from the embassy who questioned me what I would have asked you, givben you and what you would have said to me. I truthfully told them that I would have applied for asylum due to crimes that had been acted out against me by European governments who even then included the NATO into those experiments.  (While I had reached out to the respected Soviet General Zoran Raketka whom I had got to know through my health work seen he is specialized in poison removal from neurological pathways to ask for help and he eventually tried to help me but his former employers instead decided to join the experiments or were already part of it?) 
They (the FBI) asked me whether I had any intention to give Russia anything that might harm the USA and I said that i jope to find a safe country where I can live my life freely since what has been done to me in Europe does regard State Crimes, Capital crimes and probably more and the USA had not been willing to stop that. However , is it normal that the FBI is approaching everyone who is talking to you these days?

Hopefully you will be able to help me. My official tourist via (B/B2) with which I entered the states finishes (expires) on 7th of September but I would prefer to get out of here rather sooner than later seen the latest news on that the experiments without consent were forwarded to the USA.

I am aware of that the application for Russian citizenship does mean that I have to abandon the European one but as I said already to your officer on Duty, I am more than happy to to do this seen I am not interested into any citizenshiop of a country that is doing such horrible crimes as they have been dong to me and eventually to others. In this context I am fully comprehensive for the Russian political point of view of the warfares as I probably am one of the few outside of Russia who really knows what this war is about.

Kind regards Saskia Charlotte.

(I did not add my surename in the header (junker) because I do not identify with it).

I added in Russian Writting and letertyping into the headline of the pages my birthdate with the 7th of March 1985 and the place of birth the Bethesda hospital.

I added various handwritten notes before the scan to mail that contain confidential knowledge that neither Russia nor the USA government nor any other government would be happy to see published here. But it regards additional crimes that were done in Europe and the USA  and the FASCISTS and additional names of people and places that only few people know about to bring to their awareness the urgency of as well what I know and that I am NOT safe in the USA.

I As well offered them to rent out my flat in via saltarimo 6
,37018 Malceaine to them and the KGB seen it is directly
above that hide out of dangerous criminal Eicke and above
the Ukraine secret service that is connected to it...

Would have been perfect.

Is THIS the reason lennieboy (the name I use for "Leo" these
days pretended that I would have sold my flat and then
committed suicide!?! Seen he has this fascist Costa crocker
e history with antisemitic seriously intended comments
making comments about that Hitler maybe was a good
person and that he would love to murder all presidential
families and their descendents and his friends would agree
on yhat-as said, he has a mental illness that "Leo" who
pretends to have married me and pretends seriously to
have a procura for me because I would be insane... Well..
HE did do agree to with the rapists and hypnotist of 2020 to
provide him with pornscenes while abusing my trust and
seem the way he abused it practically abusing me...
So..WHO is here insane... And by the way..whenever he
came to know my location throughout the last months as
well once again people being told to drugy food ,once I
became comtaged with a weird vomit cough that passed as
soon as I did not sleep on that hotel anymore where it
happened and another time people were told I would be
suicidal and they should drug my drink with some
antidepressive if I order sth and seen I all long stopped
eating out , the next morning people were in despair "she is
still alive.she never did drink it" so so... Could it be he is a
serial killer in addition to everything else and it was the plan
from the beginning all of this!???

And then when it did not work he tries to let declare me for
insane and through the 1sided insignia pretends I would be
a prostitute??? He did observe me since 2017...
So he eventually did everything to prevent that I would rent
out my flat inalcesine to the KGB?

I mean I'm the building are all the other secret services of
the European continent. So the KGB is missing.

Do I still have ambitions to go to Russia? Well..not so sure
about it. Within the 5o the that passed I ce to know that
they did forward the illigal disgusting crime film circulate
throughout entire Russia and hired already there in case I
would go there serial killers and people to keep sabotaging
my life, as well theyade already deals with some of the sub
churches or sub governments to proceeds experience and
gave "Neuro rape access" as I call those insignias without
consent and monitoring devices without justification and
without consent to too many people in Russia.

I would not be safer there than here at this point.

In this regards I indeed will need a life pension because
whenever I try to apply for an employment in a company or
try to get self employed and out of this disgusting situation,
the perverts let circulate the pervert movie to everyone
telling them that in reality I would be a prostitute and doing
For those from Europe fascists and pervert ex cia and
terrorists and per ERT state agencies perverts it is not
about it having stolen everything from me but in addition to
keep my life ruined and to keep making profit.
It looks even as if they make MONEY with the porn they
made of their abuse with me and that they constantly try to
corrupt people or convince them in absurd ways to let
install surveillance on accomodations, so that they can
register when I go to take a shower or change clothes and
with the pervert stolen unicative adjustments they keep
offering porn and prostitution whenever I speak to a man or
try to corrupt them to produce decontestualozable
dialogues (can drivers for example, it looks as if they
circulates those things among all can drivers and corrupt
them with money throughout, to let them pretend later I
would have prostitutes me or would have bought drugs
from them etc etc etc.)
-no.. I am rather trying to get to countries the fascists are
even more hated than by Putin because it is countries
where the fascists and churches did horrible crimes
respectively continued the crimes after 45 that they were
forced to stop on 45 in Europe.
They did the same crimes and the sameain crimes.
Unethical experience and abuse and genetical crimes and
"breed" (this is what shitler and his disgusting fellows were
all about..disgusting experiments how to murder people
and how to torture and abuse them in various ways. And
they continued with that part onamy countries such as in
Chile where this came to the surface on the 90s and the
chilenian goverent then started to investigate and tried to
send many of those war criminals back to Europe.
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Published on on 12/31/2022.


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