Saskia Charlotte Junker

European Police coresponsible fo childmurder???

European police co-responsible for murder and childmurder???

Whether this info that peopl referred to me is true or not I don't know. I only can hope it is an evil mind who want e to make me believe it when they did refer this to me.

and I would ask urgent someone in germany to check whether it is true or not seen the German embassy is rather interestrd to cover up the crimes of the gean hovere t they did everyone my birth.

Someone told me that the person I grew up with, Frank Michael Wolfgang Junker, born on 1.February 1962 and his daughter Anna Lena Karin Sofie born in 2009 were murdered. That they slaughtered Michael pretending he would be someone else and not even verify and double check when he said he is Michael and that they then would have suffocated Anna Lena while she was sleeping and that they then would have put Raphael Junker , Michaels Son and Anna Lena's brother into a strict monestary boarding school putting him on drugs.

This is horrible if this is true.

Why Iake in this case European police and Werner Wilkes wider o responsible for it???

Because in January 2021 I reached out to wider Wilkes Werner and shared my concerns about the dangerous background of Marion wissing (since 2012 Marion Junker) but they did not react.

In summer 2021 I reached out to German Police to PLEASE check on Michael whether he and his children are safe. (Through the pine anzeige der polizei NRW)

But nothing happened.

I as well wrote to italian carabinieri to please contact German Police seen they wereade believe that I would be dangerous Marion wissing and seen I am not and knew who and where she is I pleased the Italian and malcesine carabinieri to inform the German Police force about everything.
But they did not do so and instead forwarded ALL my online police reports to the persons that I in various published chapters me tioned without even reading what I had written and sending me a message to not spam their police email account (commandant's carabinieri malcesine, he even signed but never mentioned his name,just that the dommander of the carabinieri station of malcesine would be writing). The police reports contained as well the address. This means that if they forwarded it to people who tried to kill me anyway because someone else fakes to be me, they would know where to find people who can confim that it is me who is Saskia Charlotte.

I had tried to warn Michael himself about those people and the background of his wife but he did not believe me but defended Janina ,his wife and her family and he NEVER asked his wife about what I had begged him to ask in regards to those persons who started to insist I would be her and who said they would be my husband with me having amnesia.

​​​​​​I reached out once again to peter Wilke and his wife Susan peling wilke in person in summer 2021 but they did not want to hear anything about it and I should contact Mr me hard instead but they had no phone number of him and through email from my email account attached to the lost and then stolen Iphone SE second generation Christmas and new year 2021/2022 but they never responded.

I once again tried to reach out to them to let me verify or falsify the information hopefully just evilminded persons made up in October 2021 from Reelfoot lake. But Susan peling wilke just did hang up when she heard my name and blocked my number without responding to any questions or WhatsApp messages.

She blockede immideately again when I tried to reach out from a different number. Seen both were attached to the provider burner that allows voip numbers and I had used that inner only to contact her I knew that it was only them who were able to then find out my IP address shortly afterwards having contacted burner.
Shortly afterwards I once again had showergel and shampoo poisoned with a substance that would make me appear hysteric or in tears.the same substance used already by psychopaths in Italy via saltarino 6 malcesine lake Garda eversince 2016 whenever I left my flat.

Additional info that was delivered to me by the anonymous persons was that it was faked that Michael would have done suicide after they showed him the illigal crime porn and trying to make him believe (relatives of Marion) that I would be a prostitute but that in reality he knew immideately then that everything that I had written him in January and February 2021 was true and that Anna Lena encouraged him to divorce and that she in that case would decide to live with him (she born in 2009 would now have 14 years, she would immideately be allowed to love with him seen her age and rights before court) and that they then did murder both.

PLEASE can someone who reads this chapter figure out for me whether this is true or not???

They live in muelheim an der ruhr!!!

Sth that speaks for it was that I was in July in the city and even in the street of the house I grew up but sth was terrible wrong and knowing already enough about that Marion and her relatives I was scared to ring the door because I had shortly before a nightmare in which I would confront Marion what she would have done to my father and that she then raised a gun to shoot me..
Seen I from childhood on sometimes had previsions I was not sure what would be true. In addition I did a te scan on the house and sth odd was going on there for sure.

I am not capable to call or contact any gean authority or anyone b cause as said everything becomes circumnavigated always, same counts for phone calls and bassy I wrote enough in previous chapters.
I tried to contact people I knew in muelheim but they never responded.


I as well had begged the Pentagon at some point to verify
or falsify whether this is true but probably they did not
feel responsible seen they did not believe me thatarions
relatives relate to Ukranian Terrorists and fascists around
Hitler and ukrainian-italian abuse networks.

I did not contact the Pentagon at some point for now hing.
Seen police forces and governments and peopl who have
contacts to bilderberger did not give a shit. Giving the
impression that they cooperate with fascists extinction
camp commander descendents and terrorists and serial
killers giving all my credentials and locations to those
instead of arresting them.

But well..the Pentagon instead believed those people that I
would have a "lack of attention" - disorder.

Well.. this is among one of the super absurd accusations ,
especially by people whom I asked to help me against the
Neuro rape and global persecutions eversince 2012 when I
considered for the first time filing police report in
Hamburg after my first smart phone was stolen and
eversince every phone became compromised.


This is by the way th reason as well that I filed police report
against Werner weirder wilke regards "Unterlassene
Hilfeleistung" , as well at the Police NRW Geany. Because
they did not give a shit about others being eventually in
danger of being murdered. I wrote them all about what I had
come to know inclusive what was going on in Italy already
in January 2021 and that for this reason I would contact
them and NOTicharl directly because I would be sure that
he is surveilled entirely.
As well seen a relative of Marion Wissing did an illigal
insignia on me in 2012 in a night train from Graz to
Hamburg. I thought that man had tried to murder me when I
woke up and he was bowing with his cloak over me but he
did an illigal insignia and surveilled me eversince. It
happened shortly after I did not go to the marriage of
Michael and Marilyn and not to the baptizement of Raphael,
Not because I disrespect Michael but because I did
disrespect his wife having had a bad I tuition from the very
first day he told me about her and the very first time I did
meet her without even wanting to meet her.


I start wondering whether udo Werner has directly to do
with everything. He was the first I contacted through the
Kempchen Company (now Kempchen-Klinger) emailadress.

I as well confronted them about experiments from 1998
onwards and why I never never compensated.

He instead of answering he said if I would continue to write
him about "family" things he would file reports against me
because he would not be interested into knowing anything
about it. In addition he referred shortly afterwards to Tomas
Wider, the lawyer in cologne who I then made an
appointment in July but who then instead of writing
cologne I to the place where I would have requested the
economic support of the Heinrich Kempchen Stiftung, he
wrote Oberhausen pretending it would have been a mistake.
I reber Udo Werner from the Stiftungssitzumg shortly after
my 18th birthday where as well Adelheid Borhhorst (maiden
name Mertens, the exgirlfriend of Michael) and Ingo Haiges
(the one who handed in the wrong testament version of
fries heinz Theodor junker, called Kempchen) were present.
Udo Werner had at some point a choleric attack shouting at
me as if he was insane.


If it is true and they really murdered my childhood father
and his daughter Anna Lena. Could it be that it happened in
the night when Michael called at 11pm Mr Peter Wilké and
that man did not answer ? While he said (as well to me) that
in emergency it is possible to call as well that late.
Well he did not answer either my phone once when I called
because of all the emergencies respectively was short off
and I should contact the lawyer and not him.
And he even mentioned then that ever after Michael would
not have called him any more neither day nor evening and
that he neither would have shown up in person anymore at
the stiftungsvorstandssitzung.

Unterlassene Hilfeleistung in extreme form?
I know that Michael called him very often but I KNOW very
well that he always respected very much the no call after
9pm and for sure not after 10pm unless it is very close
If he called at 11pm to Mr Wilke who was just the business
contact of fries Heinz Theodor junker and part of that HKS ,
then he will put have called him due to an EMERGENCY.
AND EVEN WILKE should have known that in 40years that
he knew Michael !

The other thing was that wilke gave me an old blackberry of
his when I did not have a phone.
But whenever I switched it on everafter Christmas 2021 in
places I was people were suddenly told I would be insane.
So I did not switch it on again until palm springs march
2022 after they had make me loose my iphone se second
generation and I had no money for a new phone.
5 minutes after I had put in a SIM card the phone never
deactivated for functioning on distance.
The next time I switched it on in autumn to get the inner of
them again to confront them with questions and whether it
was true or not what I wrote in this publication.

Seen the poison attack shortly after I drowned the phone in
Flagstaff where a few days later as well then were the weird
things happening that I had describes on some of the
episodes that regard "Leo Costa".

Mentioning Costa. The first time peter Wilke wanted to urge
me to get in touch with Thomas wider the lawyer was on
summer 2017 when I stayed at a camping in Liguria while
preparing for my employment with Costa crocker e. And
people and been persecuting me until the campsite and as
well in the preparation course in arenzano where I was in
Seen the persecutors did not stop to make comments and
referrals to Michael mechtild and Janina and the company I
thought to approach them directly wtf they would have
been doing and were up to. Wilke said the company would
not have anything to do with it and neither any of them or
Michael and I should get in touch with Michael on the
phone because he would be suffering to not have contact.

I called Michael but he was talking very slow as if under
drugs and did not rember anymore a few things that had
been happening in previous years as if he never would have
known about them.he as well was concerned about wilke
and Werner and warned about weirder whom he considered
a dangerous two sided face.
I was shocked and sad about this phonecall and confirmed
about his wife and her family once more. As well back then
he did not want to believe anything I had told about his wife
and the stalking of her relatives.
He did not like the idea of me working on cruise ships as if
it would be sth bad and probably told his wife Marion about
On the night before I should embark on Copenhagen I
almost became KILLED.
In the hotel lobby did sit 4 olden that looked similar to the
man in the train in 2012. And in my hotel room on the
bedding there was SO much contact poison and solid
narcotic that it even was possible to see the white cables.
As well the door was slightly open and not closed when I
was given my room key.
I had already in 2017 a pragmatic approach seen the
various attempts of murder eversince 2016 towards me.
So I simu asked for new bed sheets..
On the old was soich vimbles that it had reached the
mattress and still the new sheets caused reactions .so I did
sleep on top of the part of the sheets that almost never
gets washed so that I knew there they would not have
messed with and put one of the big heavy chairs on front of
the door.
The nextor ing when going to breakfast the same 4en I
noticed the evening before did give a little bit too much
attention towards me as if trying to figure out whether I
would have perceived people trying to enter the room that

Did Costa already try to let kill me back then!?! Seen he did
let do insignias on me during the preparation course in
arenzano in summer 2017?
Very possible..he is a psycho.dis he want to prevent by all
means I would work on the cruise ships and find out about
Costas true origin and history? Because he realized that
someone dived really I to the history of an employer and not
just trying to get through the apocation appoinen well then
Costa son of a fascist bitch. You caused it.

And seen this I have reason to believe that you are
INVOLVED in various attempts ofurder towards me and

Oh.. the detailed happenings of 2017 were as well in an
official 70pages lettersize 11 persecution report to which
"Leo" gained access .

It was NO prostitution trafficking report as he pret need but
a persecution report with details eversince 1992.

But "Leo" pret need it would have been a trafficking report
and I would have worked as a prostitute.

The ONLY form of illigal "trafficking" took place in form of
the illigal "insignias" people did without consent and
apploed illigal surveillance technology through which they
register d everything I see and do and even did harass and
molest me.during the night with that technology pretending
it would be real and their induced dreams.
Oh among the documentations and photos that "Leo" did
delete from my iphone were as well the proofs of FC fonder
institute Nijmegen experiencing with induced dreams and
induced thoughts !!!

And proofs about even bigger war crimes of the world war 2
made by Nazis than most people ever came to know.

As well it contained the voice registrations of some
transformation, of artwork and of the appointment on
cologne with Mr wider and some other people I registered
to prevent that they later would become sorptrsser. And it
contained as well a parody about "vito" who ducks
everything that is not fast enough to escaprle.

And it contained a beautiful music video of me singing one
of my songs on Portugal.

My iphone se second generation was attached to the icloud
account S for Saskia C for Charlotte
and J for junker

WHERE is my phone??!?! Where 1500 to 2000 unique
mature photos from Germany, Netherlands, South of
France, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Switzerland, Bulgaria,
Greece, Florida,Houston and Palm Springs and Jack tos
national park are on?!??
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/02/2023.


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